Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Do you like Babies ??

DO NOT VOTE OBAMA then as Obam supports legalised late term abortions !!

Read that as LATE term abortions.

the legislation will be passed without ANY debate.

I am not anti abortion as i dont have a problem with early term abortion but late term abortion amounts to infanticide and is appalling , immoral , and wrong in every way except maybe for certain exceptions may be.

Babies thrown away like Trash.

I suppose this legislation is aimed at the filthy , irresponsible ,lazy trash who would vote for that sort of thing.

Give them all free pregnancy testing kits instead if they are too fucking stupid to notice the signs early on so they can do the deed before it gets too late and the dumb idiots decide that they dont want the baby after all after carrying it around for 30 weeks or whatever.


Filthy disgusting cowardly creatures.

NOT LMMFAO @ the Libs today.

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