Saturday, 18 October 2008

Communitarianism/Hegelian/Engelian dialectic Dictat:

I want to read the book in the pic.

I havent touched on this subject yet or at least not by name although i have criticised what it advocates often enough with subjects like One world government.

Hegemony that is global.

NWO now has a name .

Communitarianism is what we all are wether you realise it or not and every political player on the world stage or at least the names we all know and love so much are committed Communitarians.

The UN works to Communitarian principles.

Agenda 21 is Communitarianism.

The 21 in agenda is referring to the planned implementation of it by the year 2021.

The EU is Communitarianism and this is exactly what i have been saying because it is the middle ground between left and right and its why a lot of individuals [a thing of the past under Communitarianism] are unable to decide wether the EU is Left or Right wing.The informed individual realises that the EU leans more to the far left but absorbs some of the more unpleasent aspects of the right into its philiosophy.

Communitarianism is the universal third way that is a compromise between selfish individualism and outright Marxism/Communism/Callitwhatyoulikeism.

Communitarianism is a front for Communism.

Communitarianism is reformed Communism.

Communitarianism is a fake philosophy in that it borrows heavily from Marx and Hegel with a bit of new mixed in.

Its a front because no one with any intelligence would accept communism as a way forward so lets dress it up as something else and throw in a lot of stuff about the enviroment and sustainability

A kinder more touchy feelie fluffier version of Communism.

One World government is the epitome of Communitarianism.

Communitarianism is thew accepted third way.

President Hugo Chavez of Columbia is a Communitarian.

The economy of Venezuela is about to collapse for various reasons but mostly because of Communitarianism and because Hugo chavez is a moron.

The proof is there to see.

How can a country that has as much or more resource wealth than Saudi Arabia still end up nearly broke ?

Communitarianism and socialism/communism.

Venezuela has a centralised ministry of oil that has diversified into controlling and providing all areas of life.

Its rife with corruption .

Centralisation will always fail.

I dont and never will advocate one world government.

One world government might seem a good idea in principle to those who make the mistake of thinking it will solve conflicts over borders and resources and solve problems like Russia/Georgia by dissolving borders and countries into one homogenous landmass and peoples ruled by a centralised dictatorship.

Why do you think Nobama was making speeches in Germany back in the summer apart from it being a PR exercise ?

Its because he knows he has a huge following of dumb sheeple liberals in Europe and its also because there is a plan to merge the US and Europe into one political state.This is after the US , Canada , Mexico and potentially south America have been assimilated into Nafta.

Problems that have been contrived to happen are offered a solution .

The solution is the third way of Communitarianism - One world government - NWO.

"All U.N. laws and programmes are based in communitarianism. The War on Terror and all the other Hegelian Wars (drugs, obesity, etc.) are rooted to the communitarian synthesis. The whole dialectical ideology of natural conflicts leading man to a state of controlled and forced Utopia has never been proven to be a sound theory. Yet it is still used to define the necessity for creating a stonger U.N. government. All conflicts further communitarian globalist expansion, because dialectical conflicts are a primary communitarian tool."

There doesnt seem to be a universal symbol that represents Communitarianism or not one that i can find.

Welcome to the Communitarian global village.

Brave new world.

Once the planet is united under Communitarianism [Communism/Marxism] will the Communitarianism Dictatorship make Stalin , Lenin , Pol Pot , chairman Mao and all the rest look like kind benevolent dictators ??

In the worst case scenario they will indeed.

Refer back to the Agenda 21 map of the US for example posted here and elsewhere as a good example.

Just how does the new communitarian government of the US plan to displace all those americans off their land and into designated urbanised "settlements" ?

by having previously removed all of their property rights amongst other things.


Dismiss - ignore - ridicule - all you like in regard to this info .

The ordinary always do this regarding things that they dont understand and cant explain.

It doesnt and wont change the fact it is real.

Its not a theory either.



Let this article serve as a warning so reality wont bite you too hard when it happens.

More later.

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