Wednesday, 29 October 2008

"Dont worry...he/she is from Barcelona !"

The Manuels are milking it for all its worth now or at least the granddaughter is.

She must be desperate to be famous !

She will do anything !!

She will open supermarkets !!

Weddings , parties , big brother , please get me out here i am a celebrity ! , panto ,I am so desperate to be a celebrity i will do anything !!,the x third rated celebrity factor or anything at all !!

So desperate to get on the lowest rung of the fame ladder its just sad.

Why bother going there ?

The only way is down after that.

These idiots think they have a god given right to be famous for doing nothing or anything buy nothing in particular.

Why not try doing something where you have to earn an audience first because you are good at something and have a reputation instead of cashing in on someone elses prank call at your expense ?

Max Clifford and the sun newspaper.


6th rate.

Give her a part in Eastenders or something 3rd rate on TV.

Max Clifford and the tabloids and all those third rate low level celebrities are rather like the lowest division in the football league tables.

The Desperate wannabe celebrity X factor :

10 contestants !

10 rounds !

There can be only one !

Only ONE of these desperate wannabes will become a real celebrity !

Who will YOU vote for ?

Which wannabe willitbe ?


Competition is fierce because none of them have any talent or anything going for them.Not even personality.

Celebranonentities !

Celebranotalentities !

And those bloody kids on tropical islands.

Feed them to the sharks so they contribute something to the food chain for once in their lives.

Sometimes it works though like Jade from Big brother.She has personality.

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