Sunday, 2 October 2011

Moronic video:

"The US Daller is backed by the US Gubberment"

"The US Daller is backed by the Fedral Reserve"

"Some investors arent carnfident about what gold is backed by or if its backed by anything at all compared to something like the US dollar"

This was quoted from Bridget the bubbleheaded bimbo in the news clip.

The US FEDRES Dollar is backed by NOTHING and is simply paper with ink printed on it so its a perverse situation where you can buy say 1000 Dollars worth of gold with bits of worthless paper.The curious thing is the FEDRES hasnt gone a head with QE3 and is trying instead to assert the value and worth of its FEDRES fake money as an alternative to gold and encourage you to invest in worthless paper which isnt an asset.

Since 1913 when the FEDRES was established the US dollar has lost 95 percent of its buying power.

Absolute sheer assinine stupidity and ignorance and lies and as i was saying before there seems to be a very definate media campaign to deter investors from investing in gold and to promote investment in Dollars and Treasury Bonds which amounts to a bailout.By default it also is promoting the FEDRES as a sound financial institution when it is anything but sound.

Only the very ignorant and stupid would ever make investment decisions based on that kind of garbage.

I shouldnt think it will be very long before the FEDRES uses the federal govt to confiscate privately held physical gold from US citizens like it did in 1933 and only the very stupid would hand it over and there will likely be legislation created to ban the exchange or sale of physical gold.

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