Thursday, 27 October 2011

Drumming practice:

I might as well blow my own trumpet as noone else is going to.

I practice daily so today is a quick exercise i chose Once In A Lifetime - Talking Heads and within 3-4 soconds i had it down to a T.Its not a difficult time signiture but it is unusual so there was a certain amount of challenge to it but nowhere near enough.

I dont play professionaly although in theory i could as i do it for my own enjoyment and its one of the most enjoyable things i can think of.Its a natural thing because i was always tapping on things since i was as young as i can remember and i was always tapping on the desk at school.

An old friend of mine who was my best friend as it were who i am not entirely sure is still my friend was into drumming at the same time back then and he is now a professional drummer so i was inspired by him to get into drumming but its curious that were both into drumming and apparently drummers are quite often bonkers so work it out for yourself.

I cant play anything else at all apart from a few tracks that i taught myself on a bass guitar which was realitively easy but again bass guitar is rythmn rather than music although it is musical as well but its rhythmn based.

Practice practice practice practice practice.

For the life of me i can never ever get Dancing In The Moonlight correct.

Its not how shit you are at something or how difficult you find it when you are learning as its all about how good you really want to be and if you want to be really good at something you have to really want it badly so that you are driven by it and when you are really good it becomes effortless.A lot of people are not driven and dont want to go therough the pain and frustration of the learning curve and then claim they arent getting any better or that it is difficult which puts them off continuing so they are their own worst enemies.You have to have a set goal which you work towards which means you have to focus which is what i did with drawing and inking.

Drumming is a lot about feeling as you have to feel the the music and rythmn inside you and it does depend on lot on having a natural metronome inside you.You cant learn to have a natural metronome as you either have it or you dont but you dont choose your brain so you make the most of what you were given.

There is a lot to be said for having an idea of what you have a natural feel for and what your abilities are but at the same time trying something completly different like i did with drawing can produce some surprising results where you find that you are good at something having previously had no idea about your hidden talent.

I think people underestimate themselves and never discover their various hidden talents so its all a massive waste of potential not to mention laziness but then if you dont want to be good at anything then why bother ??

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