Sunday, 30 October 2011

Govt on behalf of banksters declare war on citizens:

A taste of things to come here in the West.

Obviously excessive force on the part of the govt goon squad with the objective of clamping down on protestors is completely different to the same thing that has gone on in Egypt and Syria and allegedly Libya and its rather curious that the West is quick to condemn this type of action when its elsewhere but here it is the perpe-traitor of it.

Can you work out why ??

These are not law enforcement officers as they are militarised police/ paramilitaries who are not answerable to the rule of law but the govt and banksters etc etc.

The only difference is non-lethal rounds were used unless if this situation continues on the part of govt then it will be live rounds that are used when things are not going so well for the govt and banksters as they wont hesitate if they feel threatened.what is happeneing here is heavy tactics are being as a deterrent but it will have the opposite effect.

When things get unpleasent in the US then that is the time when the freelance private security firms will be called in:

1. Blackwater (XE)
2. Infragard
4. ACS Defense
AD Consultancy (UK)
Aegis Defence Services Ltd
AKE Limited (UK)
AirScan (US)
Alpha Five (Hong Kong)
AMA Associates Ltd [UK]
ArmorGroup (UK)
Beni Tal [Israel]
Blackwater Security Company (US)
Combat Force (South Africa)
Combat Support Associates
Control Risks Group
Corporate Trading Intl (Hong Kong)
Cubic Defense Applications
Custer Battles (US)
Defence Systems Ltd. (UK)
Diligence Middle East (US)
DynCorp International(US)
Erinys Iraq Limited
Executive Outcomes (South Africa) defunct
Genric (UK)
Global Development Four
Global Marine Security Systems Company
Global Risk International
Global Risk Strategies (UK)
Group 4 Falck A/S (India)
Gurkha Security Guards (Isle of Man, UK)
Halliburton [KBR Engineering & Construction]
Hill and Associates, Ltd. (Hong Kong)
Honey Badger Arms and Ammo (South Africa)
ICI of Oregon
ICP Group Ltd (UK)
ISI Group
Investments Surveys (South Africa)
Jardine Securicor Gurkha Services (Hong Kong)
Joseph Patrick International
Kas Enterprises (South Africa)
Longreach Security (South Africa)
Main Street Supply
Meteoric Tactical Solutions (South Africa)
Meyer & Associates (US)
Military Professional Resources Inc. (US)
Northbridge Services Group Ltd.
Olive Security Ltd (UK)
Omega Support Ltd. (Hong Kong)
Optimal Solution Services (Australia)
O’Gara-Hess & Eisenhardt
Overseas Security & Strategic Information, Inc (US)
Parasec Strategic Concept (Hong Kong)
RamOPS Risk Management Group (US)
Sandline (UK)
Saracen International (South Africa)
Securicor Hong Kong
Shield Security (South Africa)
Special Project Service Ltd. (UK)
Strategic Consulting International (SCI)
Sumer International Security Iraq [DynCorp]
The Steele Foundation
Triple Canopy Inc.[US]
Vinnell Corporation (US) : A Northrop Grumman Company
Wade-Boyd and Associates LLC

They provide consultancy and logistics and manpower if needed so when a job is too big for law enforcement and the national guard then the mercenaries will be called in and they dont care who or what or why as long as they are paid as they are contracters.

The protestors in Denver are mostly clueless idiots who dont have anything to say other than repeat Marxist talking points and who dont know the difference between Capitalism and Corporatism and shout down with Capitalism when it should be down with Corporatism.

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