Saturday, 29 October 2011

Music i had forgotten about but reminded of again by Youtube:

Arab Strap:

I quite often liked their music as its unique with its stories and kitchen sink dramas that are narrated rather than sung to the music and not only that as far as accents go i have always liked the scottish accent as its one of the best sounding accents as aversed to others that i wont name for the sake of diplomacy with the exception of what is known as Estuary English which is just fucking irritating to listen to and stupid sounding.In the same way that the upwards inflection of student talk where? everything? sounds like a question ? [which is Australian in origin and originated from students watching too many Australian soaps] the Estuary English accent has this irritating downwards inflection which is very irritating to listen to.

Its quite often mothers with children who i hear talking like this where for example children sounds like "Chil- druuuun" and shopping sounds like "Shopp-iiiiiing and so on...

Anyway i digress...............

As for the Cranberries i couldnt stand them or their music and they came out of nowhere and sold millions of albums and then their later albums flopped and they they disappeared so i was very very happy when that happened.

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