Sunday, 16 October 2011

The ancient parish church of Ore [Hastings]:

This is a place that i used to visit a lot as it is about 1.5 miles from where i used to live at the top of the woods that i lived next to.I discovered it by chance on one of my walks through the woods when i was about 11/12.The day i discovered it there was thick fog.It has been ruined tio a certain extent as the field next to it that belonged to a farm was developed resulting in a faceless housing estate that ruined the atmoshere of the place and it was no longer secluded.Back in the day there was no fence around it and there was a colony of white doves living in the tower which still remain.

There were open graves and one day i visited the day after a night of satan worship and ritual sacrifice as there were black candles around or the remains of and several dead chickens that had been mutilated in various different ways.

Before it was ruined it was like something out of a horror film and it was accessed along a hidden footpath leading up to the entrance which had a set of very rusty ornate iron gates and it is still surrounded by mature beech trees and a couple of yew trees in the churchyard.

Next door to it is known as Ore Place which was a large red brick victorian hospital asylum type place which found a use for itself in later years as an office building occupied by the Ministry of Defence for war recordsand other civil service depts and it had a haunted reputation as civil servants who worked in the building reported poltergeist activity and other goings on.I sometimes used to go for walks up there in the evenings or go there on night walks witbh a friend who lived very close who was also into that sort of thing.It was a creepy place especially at night as i always had a strong feeling that i was being watched and followed around whenever i/we were in there.I was in there one time and the usual feeling of being followed and watched was very noticeable and i felt very uneasy and it got to the point where i was scared out of my wits so i ran out of there as fast as i could and i ran through a bramble hedge and got scratched to pieces as i was that desperate to get out of there.

One time poking around the grounds i saw what i thought was a load of silver foil milk bottle tops that were partly buried showing up through the undergrowth and it turned oput that the silver objects were WW2 dog tags with names and numbers of military personel presumably dead that had been buried.I dug up about 30 of these but i dont recall what happened to them.I took some of them to school and gave them away to kids in my class.There are probably more in the same areas and they had obviously been dumped there by the MOD presumably.

The building is now long since demolished and the grounds have been developed with half a dozen badly designed badly built executive homes.

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