Saturday, 29 October 2011

Alex Jones/Infowars/Prison Planet irregularity :

Why wont these websites ever discuss and promote what is known as Lawful Rebellion/Freeman Of The Land and why wont they cover the fact that the US and the UK and the EU are corporate entities ??

Why is this ???

I have my suspicions and i have called them out directly over this irregularity on the website but i get no response whatsoever.I will in time send AJ an email regarding this but no doubt i will be ignored and i will be ignored because the subject is strictly off limits as a policy so therefore contributing writers and guests NEVER EVER discuss the subject.

If i wrote an article explaining it or presented someone elses article it would be rejected.

I have posted numerous comments in the comment sections which are not removed but are ignored by the website and the vast majority of commenters whio seem to be ignorant of it and no i dont spam comment sections with it as i only post comments on the topic as and when it is appropriate.Its like various comments sections linked to articles are quickly replaced by new articles and they drop off the page never to be looked at again.

I listened to AJ take a call about this and very quickly the call was ended with virtually no acknowledgement from AJ apart from "Yes i was aware that the US is a corporation blah di blah.." then that was that and it was time to swiftly change the subject and onto the next caller.....

How can you rail against the FEDRES and unrepresentative govt and all the rest of it without covering what i am talking about here ???

How can you be pro-Constitutional and protest against unconstitutional legislation and not discuss or promote Lawful rebellion ???

Paul Joseph Watson made one reference to Lawful Rebellion when highlighting a video of a protest in Birkenhead that involved a protest and the arrest of a corrupt judge that was supposedly removed by Youtube and that was it so what about it PJW ???

Did the editorial not notice that little faux pas ???

Phew !!!!! Looks like you got away with it that time !!!!!

Careful how you go in future.........

I am virtually the only commentor who talks of this subject and explains it apart from one other so if nothing else potentially millions view and read the comments so the message must be getting out there.....

I smell a rat here but in the meantime the more this topic is ignored the more glaringly suspicious it looks...

[If PP is controlled opposition then i will describe my points as the silver bullet]

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