Thursday, 27 October 2011

Dog is God backwards:

"Dog is God backwards !!"

I was thinking about this when i was doing the washing up as i started thinking about the amount of times that i have heard this said or been told about it personally.Its ridiculous as its said in the sense that its some kind of revelation or that it is somehow significant as in it implies a connection with God and Dogs when its simply rearranging letters to form another adjective.Absurd but whatever turns them on i guess or small things please small minds which was/is one of my mothers favorite sayings.

Another thing that i just thought about is how if you say "there is nowt as queer as folk" then it is not politically correct and all that shit when the word queer has changed its meaning to describe man-love but that does not mean that its previous meaning has become completely redundant and so therefore those of a particular sexual persuasion do not have exclusive use of the word and they do not determine its common usage.The reason that they think that they do is because they suffer from the very common condition that is not exclusive to them by any means which is thinking that everything revolves around themselves and their entitlement to be self important.

A certain section of the gay community are horribly self important and self absorbed anyway.

The deciding factor between free expression and offensiveness should be commonsense which is sadly lacking in todays society and in any case i am sick of feeling like i am walking on eggshells the whole time with all of these precious oversensitive pathetic people.FFS toughen yourselves up and get a thick skin instead of being pathetic little emasculated bedwetting cry baby wimps the whole time with your pathetic victim/persecution complexes on your own behalf or someone elses.

Adults talk straight and get to the point.

How many times do these Liberal types have to change their bedsheets ?

Once a day.

They tend to drink too much coffee as well but thats another story....

Thank fuck my work is running out as i am sick of working and i need to rest and focus on other more important things instead of work stealing all my time and energy.Too busy working to get anything else done.I havent had enougbh time to focus on the failed OWS color revolution either but thats another story.....

"If it feels good then do it"

There is the downfall of civilised behaviour and civilisation in one sentence.I disagree with its sentiment almost completely on so many levels.

I disagree as just because something feels good or might feel good doesnt mean that you should do it.

For example just because taking drugs feels good it doesnt mean that you should take drugs on a regular basis or in the case of particular substances you really should not take them at all.I have taken the majority of recreational drugs at some point except Crack Cocaine but it doesnt mean that i should keep taking recreational drugs because they feel good.I took a large amount of Cocaine/Ketamine/Ecstacy mixed together once and it felt very very very good although i nearly lost the plot in the process but it doesnt mean that i would ever do that again under any circumstance.

I would like to play music at high volume as it feels very good but i cant do it as it will piss the neighbours off.

I would like to drink 3-4 bottles of organic cider every night as it feels very good but i dont do it every night.

I would like to eat 4 half pounders with all the trimmings every night but i dont do it.

Every time i walk past the local take out pizza joint i can smell pizza and so i want to eat a pizza as it would feel very good but i just walk past although the fact they are overpriced and only stop me feeling hungry for about half an hour to an hour is beside the point.

Driving at top speed on the road feels very good but it doesnt mean that its alright to do it.

I would like to sign up to the Huffington Post or Democracy Now/MoveOn.Org and MSM comment sections to say what i think and upset the appplecart because it would feel very very good but so far i have resisted the temptation.

The point is it doesnt encourage responsible behaviour or restraint and self discipline etc as its all about giving in to self gratification/indulgence to the detriment of everything else.

Its just degenerate Hippy shit that was promoted and advocated in the 60s and early 70s as part of a social experiment.

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