Thursday, 27 October 2011

Sometimes the solution is worse than the problem:

It isnt wrong to support a leader of a country who resists this happening to their country and people but in doing so it caused it to happen but that doesnt negate in any way the fact that it shouldnt be happening in the first place.Its a shame that so many arent mentally equipped to understand this fact.

Is it right to burn down your neighbours house and shoot them as they tried to escape after you tried various methods to make them submit to your way of living after you had lied about them and demonised them just because you dont like them and the fact they have different ways of doing things than yourself ??

I am sure that the answer would be No so why is it in any way acceptable to do that to an entire nation and its people ??

These fucking assholes who think its alright to do this to spread democracy which is the fake panacea to the problems in other nations that are populated by Africans or Arabs who support this kind of action and are too stupid for words unless the words are a series of sexually explicit insults and other strong language.

The so called liberation of Libya means that Libya has lost all of its wealth and assets that were already stolen anyway and now they are in debt and will have to pay for all of the death and destruction and inhumanity that has been imposed them.

The new UN sanctioned Humanitarianism is all about indiscriminate bombing camapaigns and streets and hospitals littered with dead children with arms and legs and heads missing and much worse than that who either died of shock and bled out on the spot where they fell or in hospitals that have no resources to save them so they all die of shock as well and have no understanding of why it is happening to them.

This is something to think about while you all peruse your copies of the Neo-liberal Guardian propaganda papers that promote this horrible situation as being moral and liberal and humanitarian especially if the Guardian are featuring Belhadj as a guest writer.I dislike all of the newsprint media to a greater or lesser extent but i really detest the Guardian but i do enjoy reading the comment section where a lot of the commenters object to all this just as much as i do which is heartwarming.The Guardian is out of touch with its readership but they have no choice but to continue promoting their agenda in the same fashion as flogging a dead horse.

I just dont know where to start with this debacle.

Apparently NATO forces operating on behalf of the United Nazions dropped so much DU ordnance on Libya that they ran out of DU munitions and had to source some more DU from Germany.

If you think that things cant get any worse than this then you will be disappointed.This is the criminal filth who run everything going to the next level and the same with the MSM with their slavish reporting of it that is wholly supportive of this kind of barbaric depraved behaviour.One more chapter in the absurd and tragic and sick history of humanity.

The military forces of NATO and the US are nothing more than dumb useful idiot drones.


That is a quote from your illigitimate fraudulent mentally ill politically correct POTUS.

What an absurd statement that is and of course to get the true meaning and intent of that statement you have to reverse it as there is no other logical reason why the liar in chief would make such an absurd and offensive statement as its clearly insane and delusional.

War is Peace in the Obamination and in the EUSSR.

Shame on all those that support this and shame on all that support the iligitimate globalist fake POTUS of the once free world.Shame on all of those who choose to support the criminal unrepresentative NWO system in Europe and the UK and the US and Ireland and Canada and any other nation that is a member of the G20 and the UN.

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