Saturday, 29 October 2011

David Cameron:

Yes what a cute adorable little puppy but what about all of the dead and maimed children and civilians and all the rest of it that you are partly responsible for ??

What say you about that ???

How can you go home at night to your own family and play with your children and read them bedtime stories when children in Libya are being bombed with DU munitions that you authorised ??

Have you ever watched any of the video footage of it uploaded online ???

I strongly suggest that you do watch the videos.

[I will warn others not to watch any of the footage if they are of a sensitive nature and are not prepared for what you will see as once you have watched the footage you will not forget it and you will be affected by it like i was although i was prepared for it and i have seen similar footage plenty of times before]

History will bear this out by the time that your children have reached adulthood and then they might stop and ask you why ?? presuming that your children dont become what you are now.

Anyway nice puppy........

I am sick of this fake Tory prick traitor already and i cant stand his archetypal Eton public schoolboy looks and mannerisms and speech.Fucking silver spoon fake tory child and baby killer.

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