Tuesday, 11 October 2011

There is always someone with an attitude who thinks they are tough:

Every so often life presents me with one of these types to test my patience.

The rudeness and sarcasm and unwarranted confrontational attitude i tolerated from a member of staff in a shop the other day was quite something else.Luckily i remained calm throughout apart from having to raise my voice to be heard when the offending idiot wouldnt hear me out.

This offensive rude prick was deluded enough to think that himself with his pot belly and spindly weak tattooed arms and ugly face with crooked heavily tobacco stained teeth and bad breath were meant to be intimidating but the reaction that i had was one of disgust and contempt.He was like a small irritating yapping dog that just wont STFU.

Pointing his finger in my face was meant to be intimidating but it wasnt but it was annoying along with "If you think you are going to start something in here then you have picked the worst place !!!"

If there is going to be any intimidating going on then i am going to be doing it not the other way round.

I asked what else he thought he was going to do apart from pointing his finger and got no answer and i asked the question 3 more times and still didnt get an answer.It wasnt my intention to start anything but he was thinking that the other 3 members of staff would be of assistence which would have been a mistake.He eventually backed down as it was all bluff and bluster and realised that he was onto a loser which meant that i made my point and the situation didnt escalate.

What these types need is to be slapped upside of their heads very very hard with no warning to give them a short sharp shock to shut them up but unfortunately circumstances conspired against me this time.

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