Saturday, 29 October 2011

The decline of popular music:

My case in point is Feist who i came across in the form of an ad that appears before a video on Youtube.

Terrible terrible terrible and how i laugh at the Guardian **** review of it but i always laugh at broadsheet music reviews as i think that they are a joke and the reason that Feist got **** is because the reviewer was paid to give Feist ****.

"Metals just sounds fantastic !!"

Fuck Off.Pinky and Perky would sound fantastic***** if the reviewer was paid to say so.

Fucking rubbish.There isnt very much evidence of feistiness going on judging by what i just listened to as she sounds like she cant be bothered or is very tired.Either way its half-assed lame shit.

It really is as simple as that but then again i am baised not only against contemporary music [broadly speaking] but also against broadsheets especially the Guardian which is the neo-liberal corporate Chatham House pseuds corner rag that is politically right on and ok to be seen reading when you are sipping your endless Lattes in a cafe.

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