Thursday, 27 October 2011


If you frequent Twitter it means that you are either skiving while being paid or not doing what you should be doing or its Gods way of telling you that you have way too much time on your hands.

I will soon have way too much time on my hands not to mention my appalling concentration levels when working from home and i feel that i am going to sign up to it and be sucked into it resulting in being distacted from what i should be doing or that Twitter will be an easy way to be distracted from what i should be doing as in it will justify and legitimise too much wasted time.

Whatever but there is only one way to find out but i am not quite ready to sign up just yet andf join in as i am presently just reading comments but its too good an opportunity to miss out on and being a member of it is going to be like a fox being let loose in a henhouse.

I used to thbink it was just trite nonsense which i was above but that was a one sided view of it as i didnt realise the potential.It was somewhat narrow minded in that respect.

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