Sunday, 30 October 2011

Jimmy Saville dies:

What a shame.I am genuinely sad about this whereas a lot of the time someone well known dies and i think very little of it.

It had to happen sooner or later but at the same time i thought it would never happen as he always seemed to just go on and on and on and you get so used to someone being around that somehow you dont expect it to happen.

Jimmy Saville is someone i always had a lot of time for as he was genuinely a kind and generous and selfless individual and who had a wonderful eccentric persona that i always liked and the type who didnt really care what others thought about him.I read in an interview that others thought it was odd that he was a volunteer member of staff in a hospital and didnt mind some of the unpleasent duties that it involved whereas Jimmy thought nothing of it.

Jimmy saville was one of the first who was into wearing loads of gold jewellry as well as one of his many tradmarks along with the garish shellsuits.

Bless him.

I used to love doing impersonations of him ewith all that "Now then - now then - now then - what have we here guys and girls - hows about that then - as it happens etc etc".I had it exactly right to a T.

" Welcome to Top - Of - The - Pops !! Now then Now then we start with Dont - Leave - Me - This - Way from the one and only Thelma Houston !!!

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