Sunday, 9 October 2011

Herman cain:

You had better hope that this horroble creature doesnt get elected in 2012.

Herman Cain is next best thing for the GOP voting bases.

Listen :


Complete ignorance.

That is all wrong.Everyone would like to be rich and successful but not everyone can be rich and successful and yes they can blame themselves for not being a success if they like but the fact is you cant be a success and you cant be non-dependent on handouts/welfare if there are no job opportunities and if you live under a criminal system and in this instance you can clearly blame the system and the Herman Cains who are part of the problem as i dont hear Herman Cain speaking out about the collapse of the US manufacturing base and its economy as there is a conflict of interest as Cain was formerly on the board of a Federal Reserve bank.

Herman Cain types are always duplicitious and narcissistic and change their tune and tell you what you want to hear because its expedient to do so but if you trust this creature as the next POTUS then you will deserve everything you get.I will say exactly the same about Mitt Romney btw.

You find this attitude with the spoiled rich and the middle classes who sneer at those who are less well off or fortunate than themselves and they are often full of themselves as they have been successful or have had it handed to them on a plate or had good fortune.They are always full of glib comments and i have always found this with rich and middle class types/self made types to a certain extent from direct experience.

Types like Cain have had to whore themselves and suck bankster cock to make it in life.What has Cain ever produced that generates wealth ??

You forget where you came from if you live a certain way for too long and you become out of touch with reality.

Nothing as all he has done is be appointed to well paid positions on boards of companies and had it handed to him on a plate.Cain has actively enabled/assisted political corruption in his professional life.

I wonder what the African-American community make of this nonsense from Cain ??

If you are poor then stop being poor !!

If there are no jobs then its your fault that you cant get a job !!

If there arent any jobs then dont blame banks and politicians as its your fault !!

If you were born into poverty then its your fault so stop complaining !!

Dirty poor people !!

Its their own fault !!!

Yes you can blame a lack of personal responsibility but the lack of responsibility doesnt stop with the little person as it also extends to political corporate whores like Cain who are entirely irresponsible and forget why they were voted into positions of responsibility by voters who naively trusted in them that they would represent them.How irresponsible was it to sit on the boards of companies and be involved in Ken Lay type fraud and schemes ??

This is just perpetuating the Left/right political paradigm or the Left/right political merry go round where each of the bought off whores like Cain blame the Obama adminstration or the Obama adminstration blaming GW Bush and what they inherited from them.Anyone who is intelligent can see right through this.

"We are not in 2008 - We are in two thousand and eleven !!"

Correct but what has happened since 2008 ??

More of the same ??

Its interesting how Cain talks about it in past tense like the problem began and ended in 2008 and look how he skillfully he diverts the topic away from the banks and obfuscates the facts and switches to the protestors and in this instance Cain is correct about the stupid dupes who are protesting against Capitalism instead of the cause of the problem.

How much of a hypocrite do you have to be to talk up amnd defend Capitalism while working for and benefiting from fake corporate crony capitalism ??

Cain just doesnt want his free ride to ever end.

Cain thinks he is for real simply because he is Black and talks in a certain kind of accent but its not good enough.There is plenty of muck that will be raked regarding Herman Cain.

On the other hand there are those who dont want jobs or who want to spend their lives in further education for as long as possible and there are dirty hippie layabouts and welfare bums who choose it but if you asked those that have found themselves in unfortunate circumstances through no fault of their own they would much rather be in employment or self reliant than poor and on welfare.

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