Thursday, 6 October 2011

Steve Jobs:

The inevitable finally happened.I saw pictures of Steve Jobs in the final stages of terminal cancer very recently where he looked like a concentration camp victim.Dreadful.There is a lot of talk about supressed life extension technology being available to the billionaires club but it didnt do very much to help Steve Jobs.

As far as i know he was the best of a very bad bunch as in the corporate globalist crowd and out of all the extensive material i have read on the subject of globalists and corporations etc etc his name very rarely came up wheras names like Bill Gates came up constantly so i would like to thank steve Jobs for providing an alternative to Microsoft PC garbage that i wont touch and when i got my first Mac i was a complete technophobe yet Apple managed to make it all easy and simple.

The downside of Steve Jobs and Apple was the outsourcing of manufacturing to China for slave wages and i felt that out of all of the corporations and CEOs Steve Jobs could have done something about this and spoken out about it all before he died and set an example and regardless of wether or not other corporations would have followed suit Steve Jobs would have been held in high esteem for doing so but the opportunity has been lost.

Noone gives a shit about that anyway as all they care about is getting their latest inessential essential Apple device and they dont care who makes it or where it comes from which is why its not really an issue apart from talking about the suicide nets outside Foxconn.

I dont resent paying 1000 quid for a Mac but i resent the fact that they are manufactured in China and i resent the fact that Apple outsources their manufacturing to a company that treats their workforces as slaves and the fact that the savings are not passed onto myself so that i have to pay 1000 gbp for a MAC after it has been shipped all the way from China.

Of course i could have chosen not to buy a MAC or take ot back to the shop once i realised it was made in China or bought secondhand but anyway......never mind that.

Now that Steve Jobs has moved on he will be deified but i am not having it.

Why was it necessary to glue the casing together on the slimline keyboard so that it cant be opened and repaired making it a throwaway item ??

AS soon as i typed this something has gone wrong with the keypad where the cursor keeps disappearing so i end up typing nothing.The solution is to click on the screen to bring back the cursor.Its probably Steve Jobs sabotaging my typing and commenting from beyond the grave as i am typing plain truth.This has been happening all evening.

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