Friday, 28 October 2011

Hilary Clinton = Psychopath:

Here is absolute concrete irrefutable proof that Hilary Clinton is a dangerous psychopath:

Hilarys staged reaction and announcement of the capture of Gadaffi:

There is some more footage that was shot at the same time that i cant find where Hilary in reaction to the staged unconfirmed report leans back in her chair and clasps her hands together and raises them and smiles and looks upwards to the sky as she was ecstatic but she behaves like a high school girl who has just found out that she has been allowed to go to a party or the high school proms.

Have a think about what goes on and what is said behind the scenes as this video is an indication of that.

The sooner this filth are cleared out the better everything will be and i mean all of them not just Clinton or Obama and all of that shadow govt CFR/TC/Bilderberg filth as well.

Then it will be time for the banking filth to be dealt with.

All of them are just pure filth that are evil.

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