Sunday, 16 October 2011

Racton Tower:

I visited this place today and its the type of thing that i am very interested in exploring.Racton Tower has a somewhat spooky reputation and the photos speak for themselves in that respect.I was a bit tired [and a tiny bit stoned] when i visited it today so i cant say that i noticed anything untoward or any kind of weird atmosphere but it was daytime and lovely summer afternoon and there were others around who were some local kids so the situation wasnt conducive to noticing anything of that nature.Its a popular destination so its atmosphere is probably best sampled at night or during the late autumn/ winter when there are likely to be less visitors.

One of the photos shows lots of orb activity.

The photo at the top taken at the beginning of the last century shows up the deterioration in the other present day photos.The outer face of lime plaster over Bungaroush* in the top photo on the tower has pretty much disappeared since that photo was taken exposing the underlying red brick construction with only a small section on the sheltered part of the tower remaining with a clearly visible scratch coat still clinging to the remaining bungaroush.

*Rough cut flint or flint cobbles in a mortar of hydraulic lime and coarse sharp sand or pea beach gravel both of flint composition.

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