Friday, 14 October 2011

Baaaaah - baaaaaah - baaaaah - baaah......


The latest from planet Absurd and stupid.

No it is not a protest.It is a queue of sorts of little sheeple desperate to get their hands on the lastest Apple slave goods believe it or not.They certainly are very enthusiastic what with their childlike fixation over the latest toy and they dont want to have to wait for it as they all want it right now all at once.It really is very very sad that they dont lack enthusuasm to get their toys but completely lack enthusiasm for anything worthwhile and meaningful.

Everything is going to hell in a handbasket and all they care about is their new plastic fucking toys and chinese made slave goods.

They all want their toys RIGHT NOW !!!




Look at those fucking emptyhead juvenile fucking chimps in the pictures.I would be embarressed to know them if i knew them and the sad fact is that these types are the majority.

Its fucking pricks like these that would happily line up to be microchipped/RFID chipped if microchipping was sold and promoted with a massive advertising campaign and a logo and its probably not that far off especially if the chips were Apple chips.Make microchipping cool and trendy and make them pay for it as well and they will all line up and be chipped.

"I am excited about using it - once i have had some sleep"

Its not like these cretins are going to lose sleep about anything meaningful rather than self gratification.

People are generally pathetic juvenile monkeys and a constant embarressment to themselves.Its at times like this when i stop and think about why the fuck i bother when i look at those dickheads in the picture.they must have empty unfulfilled lives to get that excited about a fucking glorified mobile fucking telephone.

They are all so happy and smiley and shallow

Good God give me fucking strength.

Its NO SURPRISE that everything is FUCKED.

Think different - think the same - think lets do everything at the same time - think Apple.

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