Wednesday, 5 October 2011

I heart Youtube:

If when i was aged say 14-16yrs old someone who travelled forwards and backwards in time told me that in the 21st century i would be able to go to a website where i could watch music videos and listen to music and choose absolutely virtually anything i wanted to anytime anywhere then either i would not have believed them or i would have said that it sounded fantastic.

I often just click through different tracks depending on what comes up on the page so its like a musical magical mystery tour of who knows what it will be next......

I can listen to Are Friends Electric as many times as i want whenever i want.

I miss listening to the radio and the good thing about that was hoping that you would hear what you wanted to hear with the wilful randomness of the selected oldies but it meant that you would always have to listen through to a certain amount of shit as well.These days its all mostly shit so i dont bother with it anymore so Youtube is my friend when i am working on a listening basis as i rarely watch the video as i just want the sound.If i listen to the radio i might end up being subjected to having to listen to Nouvelle Vague or some other shit like that and if you turn the dial there is absolutely nothing worth listening to and the airwaves are empty apart from godawful commercial radio stations with their awful adverts which must be the soundtrack to hell.

Back in the mists of time Radio 1 was my friend but eventually we grew sick and tired of each other as Radio 1 changed out of recognition with a plethora of faceless charisma free DJs and the majority of the shit that falls under the description of popular music.There is always a female DJ who gabbles away with her dropped Gs and Ts and stupid accent with no clue about elecution whatsoever.

For a while all i ever heard about from others was "there is this French radio station that just plays anything and everything and Jazz that is on at blah blah blah blah...".

However all is far from perfect when i consider what hasnt been uploaded yet and for example noone has uploaded the full length version of Number 1 Song In Heaven - Sparks yet that shit remake with Jimmy Potato Head Sommerville has been uploaded at least twice.If you want something done you have to do it yourself but i dont know how to do it but i have a choice of either a 12" single in colored see through vinyl [if that wasnt one of the records that i lost] or the Lp in fluorescent green vinyl.If i cant find the single then i will have to visit Ebay which is another story........

Its a long way from going to a pub in town aged 15-16 in 1984 that had a video jukebox where you paid 30p/50p? per play to listen to and watch the limited selection over and over and over again......

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