Friday, 28 October 2011


That was unbelievable.

@Huggles who is named after a make of disposable diapers would never ever be described as having a sharp intellect and i laughed so much at that reply but i didnt want to openly laugh at him and ridicule him where that comment was posted as he is being given a very hard time continually by another member of the comments sections who is very prominent and i feel a bit sorry for him but it was such an absurd comment that i had to say something about it here as that is THE most absurd comment i have read this year.

Its too easy for me to laugh at and ridicule others and sometimes it feels a bit harsh and cruel although ususally i simply correct them without ridiculing them and this time i didnt want to do either.I am trying not to reaqct to those kinds of comments as i have been doing it for 4 years and it just gets tiresome in the end.I could start taking screenshots of them like the above and collect them and grade them in the same anally retentive way that others obsess over stamps but i am not that way inclined.

However even if that nonsense was true i wouldnt object as i dont mind who sabotages the Eurozone but the Eurozone has already been sabotaged through derivatives based debt but @Huggles thinks that since Farage is the only member of the EU Politburo that regularly speaks out against it he must be CIA.If you have any kind of understanding of this subject then that statement is as absurd as thinking that the moon is made of cheese or that CO2 is bad for the planet and climate.

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