Saturday, 29 October 2011

OWS question:

Here we go again :

No they are not right to do so at all and they have no right to protest either.They should not protest as they should love and trust their govts and kneel before their corporate fascist overlords and be grateful for whatever they get and they should be content with being corporate chattel and slaves.They should be cleared off the streets and rounded up and sent to govt re-education camps and agitators and ringleaders should be permantly detained and disappeared by the system.If the police used =more aggressive tactics against the protestors then we wouldnt be having this problem in the first place.I am both saddened and shocked in equal measure that in a modern democratic system we still allow protests and demonstrations to go on.

The Chinese authorities squash protests so why dont we do the same here ??

[That was my say on the matter]

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