Tuesday, 11 October 2011


Its fortunate that i am pretty much desensitised to horrific and shocking video footage especially after what i watched this morning which was some video footage that was fresh in from Sirte in Libya of a child was a victim of the NATO bombing campaign against pro-Gadaffi forces holed up in Sirte alongside civilians who are prevented from leaving who are presumably Gadaffi supporters.

I am not desensitised in the sense that i cant empathise with the child in the video and in a sense i could weep for that child and about the humanitarian disaster and tragedy unfolding in Libya but what i mean is i can handle the gore and blood but having said that i had to not hink about it too much afterwards.

No child should ever have to go through what that child was going through and go through the circumstances that made it possible to cause such suffering and death as it is completely unacceptable and cannot be justified.

The military who are responsible for it should all watch that video to bring it home to them what the result of dropping bombs on residential areas packed with civilians is.

David Cameron wanted a report on the activities of Liam Fox his desk by last monday morning but i would like to present the video that i watched this morning to the personal secretary of David Cameron so that it is on his desk at the earliest opportunity and i would like a reaction to it in the form of an open letter to the public at large or even better than that a press conference but i very much doubt that the MSM will even be interested in covering the incident since this is the side to NATO and the UN and Humanitarianism that NATO and the UN and the MSM and David Cameron etc really dont want you to know about.

All the while everyone tolerates this kind of senseless violence and death and destruction the longer it will continue.........

NATO and the UN and the US and our elected non-representative representatives are all guilty of multiple multiple multiple charges of war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Last of all this applies to military personel of all ranks who make it all possible as well.I dont know how those responsible can live with themselves.

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