Friday, 21 October 2011

Sickeningly gratuitious MSM Gadaffi spectacle:

Today marks a new all time low in a continuous series of all time lows courtesy of the mainstream media as they were all at it from tabloids to broadsheets so really now i dont differentiate between the tabloid gutter press and the broadsheets as they are really not that much different to each other if they all have the exact same editorial policy.

Extremely distasteful and by this i mean the front covers.Sickening filthy propaganda that only serves to support an agenda and they were actively revelling in that sickening display of one-sided bullshit propaganda supporting a cause that is utterly abhorrent and inhumane and criminal.

I am offended and turned off by their disgusting propaganda and i am insulted by it.

I do not want to be confronted and assaulted by that absurd distasteful spectacle when i am paying for something in a shop but unfortunately its a sign of the times and there will be more of it and worse.

NOT ONE of those filthy corporate shitrags came anywhere close to balanced and objective journalism as it was all about selling the death of Gadaffi and the offensive against libya and its people.

Shameless journalistic agenda driven whores pushing their agenda driven shit fucking rags.If they support it and promote and publicise it then they support the needless deaths of innocents and the destruction and everything else.I dont know anyone who works in the MSM personally right now but if i did they would get a piece of my mind thats for sure.


The MSM dont speak for me or represent my views and i do not buy newspapers and when i read MSM matewrial i do it for free online.Those filthy fuckers arent getting any of my my cash and its bad enough that this level of lies and propaganda exists but paying for it is out of the question.

If you still havent got any clue as to where all this is heading then you are absolutely beyond help and an absolute utter waste of space and the same goes if you support the actions of Nato and the US/UN then you truly are absolutely lost.......

Its a psychological exercise to encourage the readership to become the same as the criminal filth who are responsible for it all to encourage you to fight for their cause and support their agenda so end up the same as the filthy mob who apparently butchered Gadaffi except that you are a spectator of it where you read about it.The MSM sanitises and launders gratuitious senseless violence.The media encouraged everyone to hate Gadaffi right from the start so today was your payback that would satisfy your bloodlust.They want you to support the criminal globalist NWO agenda.
You support it because its somewhere very far away from where you are and its just more disposable North African/Middle Eastern/Arabic/African/Muslim people but if it was happening here then i am sure that you would have a very different opinion of it all.

It was packaged and sold as a humanitarian exercise which made it easy to sell to the mass of Liberal types who turn a lind eye to violence and death and destruction when it is authorised by Obama or the center left of Blair/Brown/Cameron instead of GWBush and Neocons or Conservatives.This demonstrates how stupid people are and how easy it is to manipulate them as all you need to do is change the packaging and the ideology and it all becomes acceptable.Leftist liberal type politics are seen as something that is inherently good but the fact that the same policies were shared by neo-conservatives seems to be lost on them all and they all conveniently choose to ignore that fact.I seriously think those that have this type of outlook and mindset are suffering from a mental condition.

Do you ever stop to imagine what life would be like if NATO started bombing the UK for example ??

It may not actually happen but think about what it would be like if it did happen and then try to justify NATO bombing campaigns.

The distance between you and them makes it very easy to detach yourself from it and think that it is all justified and legitimate but i would ask anyone who does justify and advocate this kind of action to explain why and the chances are they would try to justify it with complete misinformed skewed bullcrap that wouldnt stand up to any scrutiny.

The object of the exercise is to normalise this type of thing like todays example by setting a precedent that makes it acceptable to the wider public but it doesnt stop there as next time there will be aniother example that is even more gratuitious and explicit and distasteful as that is the nature of the exercise in redefining what is and is not acceptable so ultimately what is unnaccdeptable becomes acceptable.

Its all an exercise in manipulation but if you were turned off by it like i was then that is a positive thing.

Its all dehumanisation and once you buy into it you lose a piece of yourself in the process that you wont ever get back.

I dont know what the response was to the pictures but i would imagine that hopefully it wasnt all positive.Papers rely on their readership so they need to be told that this kind of thing is unacceptable.

We werent allowed to see any pictures of Gadaffi yet its alright to see pictures of an apparently murdered ex-despot.The same tactic was used with Saddam Hussein or Bin Laden where you apparently had an ex-despot hiding down a hole/pleading for their lives before being captured by a mindless baying bloodthirsty mob of degenerate islamist thugs.Propaganda and there is no absolute proof that it even was Gadaffi.I have also noticed that whenever a death of a terrorist or a dictator its always blurred and out of focus pictures that are presented.another thing i have noticed is shaky video footage where the stupid prick filming forgets to even try to keep the camera still or point the lens at what they are supposed to be filming so i see footage that is substandard.Hold the camera still still and point it at the subject you are filming you stupid fucks.

They keep repeating how Gadaffi funded the IRA and was behind the killing of Yvonne Fletcher but they wont tell you who and what the UK/US govt support and fund in terms of terrorism and despotic regimes etc etc etc and they dont want you to know about all that kind of thing.

I could go on but i might as well stfu or i wont ever stop typing.

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