Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Mental illness:

Its quite something how the guidelines for determining what is and what isnt mental illness is constantly under review with newly diagnosed mental conditions like shyness in children and presumably adults being added to the already comprehensive list.

So at this rate considering this must be a process of elimination you will soon be able to add the following to the list of newly recognised/diagnosed mental illnesses:

Do your little darlings display any of the following symptoms :

1:Not wanting to go to bed when told to ?

2:Not liking cauliflour/sprouts/broccoli etc ?

3:Not talkative enough ?

4:Talks too much ?

5:A liking for sweet foods and soda pop and chocolate etc etc

7:Does your child display signs of critical thinking ?

8:Not liking green smarties

9:Is your child inquisitive ?

10:Does your child like to be outside exploring and playing ?

11:Does your child like watching TV ?

12:Does your child sometimes not want to go to school ?

13:Does your child sometimes want for attention ?

14:Does your child not like some of his/her classmates ?

15:Does your child enjoy playing with toys ?

16:A liking for Cats and Dogs and Guinea Pigs/Hamsters/Gerbils/Rabbits etc

17:A disposition that allows for the child to frequently become unresponsive to being talked to.

18:A disposition that allows for the child to be negatively emotional after being scalded by the parent.

19:Is your child open and outgoing in the company of adults and strangers rather than inhibited ?

20:The list goes on and on and on......

If you can answer Yes to any of the above questions then be sure to have your child assessed by a state recommended/authorised Psychologist and your family General Practitioner to determine the suitable and correct course of psychiatric drugs etc for the child.

WARNING: The innappropriate prescribing of psychiatric pharmaceutical drugs to children for non-existent mental conditions will result in a myriad of unpleasent and life threatening side effects but that seems to be the point as there is no other logical explanation of the absurdity of treating and emotional/behavioural problems/personality traits with psychiatric drugs as its completely absurd and perverse and wholly immoral and unethical and parents that consent to this on behalf of the child without doing their own research on it and not considering the child itself are unfit parents and i dont think pleading ignorance is a defence but the majority of the time parents act out of ignorance when it comes to pharmaceutical drugs and the Gardasil debacle proves my point perfectly.

I always thought that a parent or guardian had to have the health and wellbeing of the child as their highest priority but obviously that does not always apply even with the most well meaning parent/guardian.

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