Thursday, 29 September 2011

William Hague political opportunism over condemned iranian pastor:

Not a pretty sight it has to be said and he looks decidedly creepy which very often comes with the territory.

As you should be aware by now politicians like Hague are whores and are shameless and morally bankrupt.

While there is obviously a legitimate reason to condemn the Iranian regime over the matter of the Pastor facing the death penalty the only reason that William Hague is concerned and trying to appear as morally upstanding over this matter is because there is a planned offensive on the part of NATO and in particular the UK and France which is imminent so Hague is using this unfortunate situation as political capital to further justify the call for a regime change in Iran and to further justify the need for an offensive against Iran to bring about a regime change.

So right now Hague has concerns for the life of the Iranian pastor i guarantee you that he wont have any concerns for any Iranians that are subjected to NATO bombing campaigns.

Hague is as morally bankrupt as using the people of Libya as a means to give the UN credibility as world govt.

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