Tuesday, 1 March 2011

UK Govt X-Ray cameras affixed to lamposts:

This is a typical example of the insanity that unfolds on a daily basis.


This article is purely reactionary as i havent tried to verify any of it especially the alleged leaked Home Office documents yet.

Tinfoil is what you want or more like clothes that are lined with Lead to deflect the X-Rays and to disallow the pervs to see what you like like without clothes.Personally i dont have anything to be ashamed or embarressed about but its the principle of the thing.

A powerful Laser Pointer Pen can do the world of good against CCTV and X-Ray cameras.Simply point the laserpen/lasersight into the lens of the camera for a few seconds and it fries the camera lens [internal mechanism] making it inoperable.

Theres always a way to get round these things.

Tinfoil will still screw with the camewras anyway but it is scientific FACT that everyone has a saturation point concerning X-Rays and to go beyond that saturation point is to risk cancer etc etc.

Inarguable undebateable FACT.

If the veracity of this article is proved correct then this is sick and criminally neglegent or its wilful which makes it even worse but its inexcusable as the effects of X-Rays are very well known and scientifically proven and documented.

Yet more govt Soft-Kill.

I am ashamed and embarressed to be a [naturalised] UK citizen.

Anyway if the veracity of this article is genuine then the X-Ray security anti-terrorism cameras are brought to you courtesy of you the taxpayer and the LibCON Sellout Muppet Coalition Party who promised you that they would scale back the UK Big Brother Police State.

Luckily i didnt take their empty Bullshit pre-election Rhetoric seriously unlike so many others who did.

As is par for the course you have to reverse everything they say.

What is one of the BIGGEST problems with people in general ??

They WILL NOT listen to sound advice that is in their best interests given by those who know better.

This will be their undoing but its not as if they care.

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