Saturday, 12 March 2011

Proof of mass stupidity:

Apparently the Japanese earthquake is payback for Pearl Harbor according to these American @Twitterers.

Disgraceful partly because they seem to be clearly enjoying it all.

Proof that there are a lot of hateful and ignorant stupid self important Cunts around.

That is just so stupid when they they are simply too brainless to understand that their own govt at that time and the usual Rothschild/Rockefellers etc etc who funded Hitler and the Nazi Party and their military and initiated WW2 also knew very well that Pearl Harbour was imminent but kept it very quiet so that the US would be dragged into WW2 as retaliation for it.

So their own elected govt were in part responsible for Pearl Harbour.

Lied to and manipulated all along without realising it.

I might have to go onto twitter to break the news to them with multiple comments or elsei might not bother but i think they need to be told and i will enjoy telling them in the same way that i enjoyed telling a load of neo-Nazis/Jew haters that Hitler was part AshkeNazi Jew [an illigitemate offspring of the Rothschilds] and was funded by Ashkenazi Jew banksters like Rothchilds and Bronfmans and Rockefellers [Sephardic Jew heritage] etc etc etc because when i did it shut them up completely when they were trolling a well known comments section and i did then what i always do which is to relentlessly beat them down with truth until they give up and leave as i never give up until that happens.

There were plenty of non-Jews that were complicit in it like the Bush [Schiff] families amongst others.

Its because of this kind of stupidity on the part of Americans that it is in the mess it is in.

Karma.Dont talk to me about fucking Karma as it does not exist as there is no proof for it at all.Degenerate criminal Filth and Scum run this planet yet they never die unpleasent deaths and they continue to prosper and they continue to inflict misery on the rest of the planets inhabitants yet noting ever happens to them and they go on and on and on so dont talk to me about Karma as Karma is another man made construct to control the behabviour of people unless the Filth and Scum are reincarnated as Maggots but then they are already Maggots in this life.

It is deplorable how people can drag up Pearl Harbor in such an opportunistic and exploitative fashion and to enjoy watching others suffer through no fault of their own.

I think i have to vomit.

This is why i avoid @Twitter like the plague as there are far too many stupid people who use it plus i dont see the point in why there needs to be 10 million identical @Twitter comments.

I just dont get @Twitter at all and i prefer to filter stupidity out of my life as much as possible rather than encouraging more of it into my life.

The Vietnamese have largely forgiven the US for their part in the Vietnam War and look what they tolerated and had thrown at them by the US .

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