Monday, 21 March 2011

UN ultimatum to Libya:

If libya doesnt accept a UN/Nato/US Humanitarian force [an invading foreign military ground force] in Libya then Libya will be invaded by a foreign military ground force.

Spankee Moon say International Community [NWO controlled former independent sovereign nation states - G20] ignore Japan Humanitarian/Enviromental crisis and focus on Humanitarian Libyan crisis.Libyan crisis most urgent crisis require unified international UN response.Japan crisis not as extreme urgency as Libya crisis.

Gadaffi throws UN Charter at Spanky Moon:

Thats the main reason that Gadaffi/Libya is being bombed.The preceeding 100 minute speech or parts of it were highly critical of the West and the UN so Gadaffi was a dictator that was becoming very diificult ot control and manipulate so he had to go.

What is curious is there has been no recent civil unrest in Iran because exactly the same situation could be manipulated by the West and the CIa etc etc but it did happen a couple of years ago but the CIA backed/hijacked protest movement didnt really amount to very much but there was that faked incident of an Iranian woman who was shot with the video which was meant to incite anti-Iranian feeling in the West but again it failed to have any significant impact.

If a popular uprising happens again in Iran in the near future and the Iranian govt attempts to contain it then you will know what to expect.

Syria is another possibility as any country in that region that doesnt already have a Western/Globalist/NWO friendly political regime with one of their own selected Globalist friendly "Leaders" is marked and its days are numbered.

Iran is the big one but i think the UN are going to mop up all of the smaller independent non-NWO countries like Libya and Syria which means those countries wont side with Iran when it is attacked which means less resistance but that still leaves China and Russia.

The problem for the UN/Nato/US is that now there has been a very serious backlash against the offensive against Libya and they have completely lost all credibility within the G20 and much more so outside of the G20.

The G20 countries are all countries that have been taken over to a greater or lesser extent by the NWO/Globalists which means they have all had their banking system taken over to a greater or lesser extent by the international banking elites[the NWO].

What did anyone think a No-Fly zone meant ??

Politely requesting that Libya ground their airforce ??

Anyway this is a taste of what Global Govt[NWO] is all about.

The UN assumes superiority over everything else which measns ultimate authority which is Totalitarianism.

The way that the MSM are all salivating over Libya with their sickening propaganda is very predictable.

How does "Hope" and "Change" working out for you all ?

Is it the kind of "Change" that you were waiting for ?

Fucking disgraceful but i was right 2 years ago and i am right now and depressingly i expect to be right in the future.

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