Thursday, 17 March 2011

Interesting maths:

Dates :


September 11th 2001



March 10th 2011

[Japanese earthquake]



[allegedly apocalyptic date]

[this doesnt add up if you get the day and the month in the right order like i havent done but thats what happens when you miss the completely obvious or when you are too tired to notice at the time.I have problems with figures and i kept looking at the dates and thinking that there is something not right but i didnt notice what it was until now]

Interesting when you think about it but we will all find out on 21/12/12.

I was always inclined to think that all of the 21/12/12 stuff was all bullshit but when i see this kind of numerology going on it makes me think as its a calling card ........

The game is up if there is a seemingly natural or even generated incident on 21/12/12 especially if its something that is apparently natural.A natural event will be too much of a coincidence for my liking as nature doesnt plan events for arbitary gregorian calender dates as far as i know but if it is some kind of generated event like 9/11 then it will be blamed on Doomsday cults or terrorists but terrorists dont usually pay attention to dates on calenders because they are significant to New-Agers and Hippies and Planet X followers but thats Assuming that its genuine terrorists instead of state sponsored terrorism/govt/intelligence agencies as is usually the case

Its staggeringly stupid to imagine that its actual party politicians who plan and implement state sponsored terrorism eventsbut i guess thats what its like living in the land of make believe.

I am not saying anything will happen as i dont know but i am just covering some of the angles because i would much prefer to be able to say that its yet another one of these dates that are hyped up where nothing happens as there have plenty of those.

I was talking to someone else about this and they asked if i believed something will happen and i said i 50 percent believe it will but even if i 100 percent believed nothing will happen that does not mean something will not happen so it was a pointless question as beliefs have nothing to do with it but i guess it was a loaded question because if i said Yes then it automatically labels me as a nutcase or whatever.

Its as if they thought i wouldnt notice it was a loaded question.

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