Saturday, 19 March 2011

Propaganda deception:

As another matter of interest opinions seem to be divided on the fighter plane shot down in Libya as officially in the first instance it was unknown who it belonged to but its more politically expedient if it is claimed to be belonging to rebel forces in Libya which provides the perfect pretext for the fake Humanitarian US/Nato operation that was temporarily stalled by Gadaffi announcing a cease fire.

The US/Nato werent having any of that but its interesting how a rebel force of approx 50,000 civilians[not including CIA operatives and provocateurs etc etc etc] had themselves what looks like a Russian Mig 23 which fits the inventory of the Gadaffi military.Their only fighter plane if you please....

Alternatively it may well have been part of the Libyan Air Force but i am curious how rebel forces were able to shoot it down but of course how it was shot down isnt talked about in the MSM but it looks to me like it wasnt hit by a SAM or else it would have exploded which it didnt although there is an explosion visible in the video.It was flying in a very unusual way and its unknown exactly why but in any case it provided the pretext to get straight on with the bombing campaign.Unless of course it was flying in that way to avoid the SAM that had locked onto it.

There is no reason why a SAM could not have hit the plane but the end result does not look like the damage that would have been caused by a SAM as they usually blow the plane to bits which is partly explosive and partly fuel but that explosion was more like a flash than an explosive impact so it could easy have been a mechanical fault which would mean loss of control which would explain the way it was being flown.Mechanical failure is all the more likely as the plane had probably not been properly maintained and serviced while on the ground.

The incident was very likely to have been staged.


The Fake Humanitarianism loving Guardian [The Leading Liberal voice] spins this incident as being a Libyan rebel force plane as a means of selling Libyan fake humanitarian interventionism to their readership as after all if its an occupation dressed up as a Humanitarian mission they wont object to it but unfortunately their was not a comments section with the article which provides some idea of what the readership think of all this.

@Sky News reports the incident as a Gadaffi/Libyan Air Force plane shot down by rebel forces which is also politically expedient and the @Sky News report claims with some authority that it was on its way to bomb rebel positions.

There is a trend now for the MSM to remove the comments sections as more often than not the comments are from those who see through it all and object which indicates that people are not buying into this crap anymore.

FYI as an aside Rupert Murdoch is a member of the Council Of Foreign Relations.

The CFR is a Globalist NWO organisation which decides policy which means that it has authority over your Govt if you are living in a G20 country and they decide your Foreign Policy.

This is pointed out because there are an awful lot of stupid donkeys that think its their own govt who decides these things like the same stupid Donkeys that think their Govt plans everything themselves as if to say GWBush planned 9/11.

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