Thursday, 10 March 2011

Baby-faced fake Tory sellout Cunt wants to steal Libyan oil revenue on behalf of the Libyan people:

They just cannot keep their hands off what does not belong to them.

So predictable but of course this Cunt Hague doesnt mind that UN imposed sanctions do more harm than good yet he is so concerned about the Libyans oil revenue.

I think i am going to have to vomit.

Thats better.Anyway the UN/Rothschilds plan to hold the cash in an Escrow account that is managed by the UN so presumably this means that as well as economic sanctions the Libyans are going to be deprived of their only source of income or at least 80 percent of it.

I am so tired of these Cunts like Hague as they on;ly care about something if oil or cash is involved.

If they can steal the cash and get what they want this way then there is no need for an invasion/occupation but then they already have the Bankster/Rothschild/Globalist funded/controlled Muslim Brotherhood in libya and allover the Middle East stirring it all up which explains why everything is happening at once because there is a destabilisation through political unrest/civil war program going on.

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