Thursday, 17 March 2011

Diminishing Radiation :

Why does everyone including official sources keep saying the Japanese Radiation will be less radioactive by the time it reaches the US ??

Why is there no distinction made clear between the volume of radioactive material present and the toxicity of the Plutonium 240 etc which even in tiny amounts is carcinogenic/lethal ?

Its as if they are all trying to suggest tha the material magically becomes less toxic just because it has been blown around in the Jet Stream for a bit.People seem to think that this is a get out of jail for free card.


The fact that it has travelled means nothing apart from its obviously dissipated by volume [spread out over a wider area] but the toxicity level of the Plutonium doesnt decrease in any way whatsoever.

Its magic disappearing radiation that is special magic radiation that is much less radioactive and toxic as its Japanese magic radiation.

Plutonium is present after nuclear testing but the majority of it is consumed in the blast which is completely different to having it leaking out the whole time.

Obama says "Dont worry as harmful levels wont reach the US"

Obama has the power to deflect the jetstream and the radioactivity away from the US.

The radiation will not hit the US after it already has hit the US

Thats a the radiation that is not harmful even though it is harmful.

Who believes that after the BP fiasco when Obama tells you to eat the toxic seafood and swim in the toxic seawater as there are no health warnings up where children swim in it for example ?

That was because it was special magic disappearing oil and magic disappearing Corexit that is good for you.

Obama is aaparently going South to brazil to join in the carnival to escape the radiation and to probably get in with the Brazilians and then a few rounds of golf.

[A lot of elitists seem to be migrating to South America as they are trying to save themslves from the radiation which will apparently be mostly trapped in the northern hemisphere as its mostly locked in by the Jet Stream]

Obama goes to Brazil while the worst enviromental and economic and humanitarian disaster unfolds in Japan and the /us is about to be irradiated.

But there is a very important trade meeting that has been set up for months but as its coinciding with the radiation cloud then its better not to cancel the meeting as it was already set up.

Useless selfish Cunt.

Who cares what that compulsive lying Muppet says anymore ?

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