Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Short changed in Burger King:

Follow up:

No return call from Burger about my fiver.This is WRONG.I didnt want to say so before but when i was talking to the manager the girl behind the till looked at me and we looked at each other for about 3 seconds and she looked very guiltyand i know guilt when i seeit as i can read people like books.That was not the look of someone who had made a mistake as this was the look of someone who had been caught out.She showed me the receipt that she thought proved i paid with a fiver but thats no proof at all.I ried to put the fact she looked very guilty to the back of my mind and give her the benefit of the doubt.
I Mean to go back to BK more because i have more vouchers and each time i go in i shall insist that whoever is behind the till ackknowledges that i am paying with a fiver or a tenner or whatever and i will insist that they do this because last time i was in BK i was deliberately shortchanged and i didnt get my cash back which i will tell them directly.

Lets see how they like that.

I know all about how easy it is to skim cash from tills only too well and the girl behind the till could have easily removed the surplus fiver so the till isnt 5 quid up to cover up her mistake.It would only take a second to do that and there would be nothing to lose.

I wasnt born yesterday.

I will do this every time i go in there and further to that i shall be watching the manager if the manager or whoever it was is present when i am in there because they will recognise me and because i can read people by their eyes and reactions i will be able to tell wether or not he thinks i was trying something on or if he is covering something up.

The fact us if i was a scammer i wouldnt be insisting that they dont make mistakes like that again and i resent being treated like a petty bit of Lowlife or StreetTrash and not being treated with respect.I looked scruffy as i was in work clothes and i am far more successful than the idiot McJob McServiceSector McMopJob McManager yet i was treated as a scammer when i am always honest.GGGGGRRRRRRRRR

Pay with a fiver ONLY and if they want the 26p or whatever then they can have it for all i care

Skim my 26p change if you like.

Burger King is Lowlife joint anyway.

I only went in there because i had 2for1 vouchers on Aberdeen Angus burgers and i needed a burger/red meat fix.

Anyway i paid with a tenner and got change from a fiver which amounted to 36 p so i pointed out that i paid with a tenner .The young girl behind the till told me that i didnt and that i paid with a fiver.I searched my pockets just in case but no tenner.

I dont like being argued with when i know i am right although at the same time its a very easy mistake to make so i explained that and i was very reasonable as she was quite sweet and i didnt want to make her look bad but the fact is i get given the benefit of the doubt but i nearly said dont bother about it at one point.

I didnt like it because it makes me look like i am trying something on when i am not and i didnt like it because i make someone else look bad when it was most probably a mistake.

So in the end i have to leave my name and telephone numberwith the manager and i have to wait until the till is cashed up to see if its 5 quid over but if it isnt 5 quid over for whatever like if she gives someone else 5 quid too much then it looks like i am a petty scammer and was lying so i dont like this situation at all as the fact was i was believed by the staff at BK as in not being refunded immediately.

So WTF am i supposed to do when i have always been told to check the change you are given in shops immediately because mistakes cannot be rectified later.Check what cash you give them in the first place just in case they cant do their job properly or make a mistake.

The fact is i felt i felt awkward when i was in the right and that shouldnt happen in a shop.

Of course a minority of scammers means that anyone who questions their change is a potential scammer.

Guilty until proven innocent.

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