Tuesday, 29 March 2011


Problem :

Reaction :


Further loss of Liberty and heightened security measures/reflex oppressive legislation.

Easy really as thats how it works and its easy to stage as you have provocateurs and infiltration of "Anarchist/Communist" groups by the police/CID/MI5 and the groups themselves running amok in the streets every time there is a protest while the police seemingly are either unable to control it OR they just simply let it all happen around them meanwhile legitimate peaceful protestors are corralled and kettled for no good reason which means the police are busy with them to avoid cracking down on the "Anarchist/Communist/Anti-Capitalist" groups seemingly outwitted by them.

The CCTV cameras in the area amount to thousands and further to that the police could listen in on their mobiles as they are communicating the whole time.

It appears to be like the Keystone Cops for a very good reason and that is the police were able to effectively crack down on the mindless mob who are responsible for mindless violence and criminal damage there would be no need for reflex action draconian security measures that remove your right to peacefully protest.

Dont tell me the Police didnt know there was going to be a protest inside Fortnum and Mason for example as they know exactly what is going on as we live in a sophisticated police state surveillance system but events are allowed to happen for a very specific reason.

Notice how there is NEVER any emphasis on the tactics of the Police to end kettling of peaceful protestors for example.The emphasis is always on the protestors.

Notice how this happens time and time and time and time again and every time there is a review of the police it amounts to nothing.

Has ANYONE ever heard of any of these so called Anarchist/Anti-Capitalist morons actually being charged and sentenced for disorder and criminal damage etc etc as i certainly havent.when its all over they disperse back to where they came from to be wheeled out again next time there is an official peaceful protest.They are literally a hired Rent-A-Mob.

NO KETTLING for Anarchist/Anti-Capitalist protestors.It never ever ever happens.

Video of possible agent Provocateur being protected/assissted by MetPolice :


Obviously if it is a provocateur then there has to be communication going on between the two or some kind of recognition going on because all that happened very quickly and spontaneously in a chaotic fluid situation so it would have been very interesting to search the individual in question.Look at the situation and see if anything else makes sense where the individual is selected from the crowd after running towards the police.The individual was not hurt in any way nor did it appear that he was arrested and he did not show his face at any time which was to make sure he wasnt identified by the crowd and the whole thing was over with in a few seconds so as to not draw attention to what was going on.

More often than not the provocateurs are subject to a fake arrest and bundled into a police van and returned to the police HQ which partly explains why you never hear of criminal charges or even when you do it doesnt mean anything as you have no way of knowing if its genuine or not.

This is all standard operational procedure.

Definately very suspicious.

The protestors in Fortnum and Mason are nothing more than ill-educated Useful Idiots who dont realise they are being used even if they have legitimate concerns over cuts and theiur protest gets hijacked to provide the pretext for more oppressive reflex legislation.

Useful Idiots serve a purpose that works against them either knowingly or unknowingly.

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