Thursday, 17 March 2011

UN sanctions military action against Libya:


I love the smell of Hypocrisy and Opportunism and Exploitation and hidden agendas and selective fake Humanitarianism in the morning.

Isnt it interesting how Libya is somehow much more important than Japan and its fallout ??

Spanky Moon says never mind about Japan as we have to strike now while the Japanese disaster provides us with cover as its a convenient distraction.

And the fake revolution or the controlled opposition could not depose Gadaffi.

But WAIT !!!!!

There are all those innocent protestors and civilians being shot by the evil Gadaffi so we have to do something right now !!!!!

Its not as if they couldnt have taken out Gadaffi with an assasination but that simply will not do as they want to enforce and i mean enforce a no-fly zone which will be preceeded by airstrikes to military installations so that its not to hot in the air for the occupying NATO/US forces.

This time its the UK and france who are initiating it as it was too politically unpopular for the Obama adminstration so the Lapdogs are sent in instead but it all amounts to the same thing as all the G8/G20 countries are in it all together as they alll have the same agenda.

America will more than likely assist but Libya will be a pushover so the French and the UK will probably be able to handle it themselves but the way i see it is the US will send in its pilotless undefeatable drones anyway to clear the ground/airspace and then the French/UK airforces will patrol it.

[The US military hire all these geeky gaming kids and then train them in simulators to guide the pilotless drones from military control centres in the US]

Its cheaper and easier to do that than send in troops but thats not to say they wont be sent in.

Of course there will be the usual death and destruction and degradation and poverty which will present many new and exciting business/exploitation opportunities for no-bid rebuilding contracts and IMF loans and that type of thing when a signed up and paid for Muppet "Leader" to take over after Gadaffi [voted in after a sham "democratic" election in which the Libyans will be easily hoodwinked] and by that point Libya will become yet another NWO administrative vassal state.

Its also noticeable that all of the pro-western arab nation all support this action to keep in with the West or they are next unless its Saudi Arabia who because their relationship with the US is mutually beneficial are allowed to be relatively autonomous and besides i think Saudi Arabia know all about 9/11 and are withholding compromising info and are blackmailing the US over it which is why Saudi Arabia can tell NATO/US to fuck off as they dont need their help to quell the dissent in Saudi Arabia wheras Libya obviously couldnt.

BTW the Saudi "Day Of Rage" that didnt happen was an effort on the part of the Saudis to increase the price of a barrel of oil.

Of course it was obvious that the UN was going to sanction it so there will be no outcry against "Illegal" wars

Thank you very much David Cameron you sellout POS but i am certain you will be more than rewarded for it in the long term.

"But we have to help those poor innocent protestors who are poor and innocent!!!!!"

That could easily be done with a peacekeeping mission with peacekeepers on the ground.

[SSSSShhhhhhh !! - dont say anything about Rwanda!!!]

WHERE are all of those useless Leftist StopTheWar/@MoveOn[George SoreA$$] Morons ????

Where are they all?

Where are you now Micheal Stipe/REM/RATM etc etc etc ??

Useless stupid DIPSHIT cunts but there is a very simple explanation for this which follows [unless they are all playing with their toys and coloring books and crayons/or/and watching TV]:


[GWBUSH was very very very bad !!]


Thats how it works kids !!

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