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The situation is under control - There is no cause for concern - Please stay in your homes.....

Does it seem idiotic to store spent fuel rods above a reactor rather in a totally seperate containment facility away from the reactor completely ??

Its obviously a costcutting exercise rather than the very expensive transporting and re-processing which the Japanese are not able to do themselves.Having said that spent nuclear fuel rods are commonly used to produce DU ordnance which the elite filth who run the US have a complete monopoly on so they have the advantage over every other military force by having DU ordnance at their disposal which is the most effective ordnance for penetrating armoured vehicles for example bar none so spent nuclear fuel creates a whole seperate industry which is available to them for next to nothing since they take it off the hands of all the countries that use enriched uranium as nuclear fuel.


Lost for words in reaction to this but this is v e r y serious as from what i understand the spent fuel rods were stored above the roof of the reactor in a seperate containment area so in the video you will see an explosion blow the top off the entire structure resulting in a cloud of radioactive material and particles in the dust.The cloud is a mixture of various Isotopes/radioactive material some of which is far more deadly than others.

Thats what a cloud of highly radioactive material and ignited Hydrogen looks like and there is something eerie about it especially that 1 second explosion in the R/H corner.

MOX fuel is mainly Plutonium which is far more deadly than enriched Uranium that is used in more up to date reactors.

"6.2.4 Accidents at MOX fabrication plants
Accidents at MOX fuel fabrication plants have occurred. In June 1991, the storage bunker of the MOX fuel fabrication plant in Hanau, Germany, was contaminated with MOX. It occurred after the rupture of a foil for container packaging in the course of an in-plant transportation process. Four workers were exposed to plutonium.29 This accident was the main reason the fabrication plant at Hanau was shut down.

In November 1992, a fuel rod was broken through a handling error, and MOX dust was released during the mounting of MOX fuel rods to fuel assemblies in the fuel fabrication facility adjoining the MOX facility in Dessel, Belgium. In the event of such accidents, if the ICRP recommendations for general public exposure were adhered to, only about one mg of plutonium may be released from a MOX facility to the environment. As a comparison, in uranium fabrication facility, 2kg (2,000,000mg) of uranium could be released in the same radiation exposure. A one mg release of plutonium can easily happen during various smaller incidents.30"

There is a LOT more than 1mg of Plutonium that has leaked out but at present i do not know what the weight of a spent fuel rod is and how much Plutonium is contained in each spent fuel rod but from what i understand there is a total of 600 spent fuel rods stored in all of the reactor buildings so that is 300 spent fuel rods that have been compromised or blown into the sky.I read another figure of 600,000 spent fuel rods but no idea if that figure is accurate.

Plutonium 240 [MOX] has a half life of 6563 years.

Reactor 4 storage facility is now on fire.

5 and 6 are decaying..........

Of course it doesnt take long before the conspiracy theories to start and i have now heard the theory that the explosion was the result of a missile strike when its very clear it wasnt as that explosion was not caused by an explosive object moving at very very high speed.Pause the video at the beginning @2 seconds in to see the cause of the explosion and see there was no impact.

Is the missile invisible before it impacted ?


That was no missile strike as its the result of very high pressure and the material overheating and burning up berfore finally exploding before the mushroom cloud type explosion that was the result of a high pressure explosion [ignited hydrogen] rather than explosive ordnance and even the sound of it did not sound like exploding ordnance.

What you see in the video is exploding fuel rods as the explosion originated in the top half of the building just below the roof.

Let that sink in for a few seconds..........

Each of the 6 reactors stores its own spent fuel above the reactor.3 of those reactors have blown their roofs which means all 3 reactors have leaked radiation but the two previous explosions did not show an explosion similar to the video

This situation is not going to be able to be brought under control unfortunately at least not the way i see it as its a foregone conclusion and Japan is basically in a word F U C K E D and this is the consequence of still running 40 yr old outdated junk and unsafe nuclear technology and i dont mean that as a condemnation but it is fact.

The US military who were assisting [to what capacity i dont know] have apparently left the scene as it was getting too hot at the LZ and are keeping a safe distance before leaving the area completely as it will be a no go area and the people there will be beyond help as i do not think for a second that there is a plan to deal with this kind of event on the part of govt and if there was its now too late plus its unfolding so quickly that there is very little that can be done about it as the logistics involved in evacuating on that scale in a very short space of time is just impossible.

Your govt will tell you there is no cause for concern which is about the only thing they can do as downplaying it is damage limitation and the media will downplay it so you really have to presume the worst but you have all the evidence you need in the video.

A very large percentage if not all Japanese or anyone else present will potentially be hopelessly irradiated.

Thats what it looks like from here and does this look like a situation under control to you ?? as its not as its unfolding and it will get worse as it cannot be contained.

Who thought they would ever watch the footage in the video ?

Its the prevailing wind and underlying lighter winds which will determine exactly what is going to happen but presently there is snow expected over the N/W of Japan and on Saturday a large low pressure system will hit Japan and then continue eastwards over the Pacific which will dampen down the fallout to a certain extent which will help to contain it rather than spread it but a low level southerly wind was/is blowing the fallout towards Tokyo.

Then of course the rainfall in Japan will evaporate taking with it all of that radiation with it but i could be wrong about that as i dont know if radiation is spread through precipitation.

Safe distance for the Evac zone should be about 15 clicks [1 click = 200km] [3,000 Km minimum depending on location and wind/weather conditions] and obviously upwind is a safer bet which means the North Pole would be your safest bet apart from leaving the planet or going underground.

Thats completely wrong as a click is 10 Km/6.2 miles so a recalculation is needed here which means safe distance is 483,087 clicks.I am glad there are such things as calculators.

BTW Turmeric is known to cure cancer as it triggers a reaction in cancer cells that causes them to turn on themselves and commit suicide as it were so it wont do any harm at all to have some of that stored away.Fresh or ground but ground is better as it will keep for a very long time if its in an airtight container and its very very cheap so what is there to lose ??

[I am pretty certain that i have cured myself of skin cancer [Melanoma] by taking a small amount of Turmeric daily for 3 months.I have spent time in hot countries so i am now prone to it being fair skinned.A mole appeared out of nowhere which grew in size and was slightly itchy with a constant scabby surface and after taking Turmeric it has now almost totally disappeared leaving a faint reddish mark in place of the mole.I took Turmeric to detox and only found out about its cancer curing properties later on.It was misdiagnosed by a GP while i felt it was something nasty]

I havent talked to my Father about his yet but he was involved in the design of Nuclear power stations as his field was civil engineering/design engineering/architecture but how much of that involved the reactors i really dont know but he was top level i know that much.He was involved in Dungeness B and Sizewell B which are totally different kinds of reactors to the MOX reactors in Fukushima but he did say they are antiquated junk.

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