Monday, 28 February 2011

The hypocrisy/pretence of US/Nato Humanitarian Foreign Interventionism:

Here we go again..........

Who else is tired of all this ??

Who else is tired of the likes of the Trilateral Commission and the Council Of Foreign Relations and The Foreign Policy Initiative[successors to the PNAC] and the Military Industrial Complex and International bankers using the US military as its own private military force for hostile pre-emptive strikes and occupations of foreign countries under the pretence of Humanitarianism and all of the above initiating and exploiting war as a racket ??

War packaged as "Humanitarian Intervention" is easier to sell apparently and in any case its been decided that "Humanitarian Intervention" is the way forward.

Yes this is about oil.

No its not about Nigerian Yellowcake and WMDS and Chemical/Biological weaponry.

Hardly anyone is mentioning that Libya is a A VERY IMPORTANT TRADE ROUTE between Africa and the Middle east etc so that is the main interest in Libya with oil taking a second place and yet another US military base in the region as once the US military are placed within a nation they never ever ever leave.

Hardly anyone mentions the fact that there is a vast underground lake under the desert in Libya and water is the next resource that is to be controlled by the above individuals and organisations.

Thats another thing you wont find mentioned by the MSM.

It seems to me that having that amount of US military hardware circling the US does not amount to a Humanitarian mission unless you count the bombing and maiming of Libyan civilians and military and contamination by Depleted Uranium etc etc as Humanitarian objectives in order to expand the NWO empire.Its not there for nothing and they arent about to turn around and go home but its astonishing that there is very little resistance within the military against this kind of activity but everytime a top US General speaks out against it thet are publicly stitched up and discredited and discarded with hit pieces featured in the likes Esquire magazine.

Of course in todays Double/Newspeak Humanitarianism means anti-Humanitarianism.

Humanitarianism = Genocide/Collateral Damage but i am sure that they will think that the price of genocide is worth it.Like i said life has no value to the above named individuals and organisations.

How is the US/UN Humanitarian program going in Haiti ?

Either very well or disasterously depending on your viewpoint.

Double plus good.Reverse speak is a Psy-op[Psychological manipulation] btw that is meant to distract and confuse you and an attempt to redefine what is acceptable or unnacceptable in terms of policy.

The fact is there hasnt been and will be no worthwhile revolutions in the Middle East/North Africa etc as every one of them will be hijacked by the above named individuals and organisations.

The Libyans have clearly stated that they do not want the "Humanitarian" assistance of the US.

Will that make any difference ?

Of course not as the request will be denied as they will get US "Humanitarianism" wether they want it or not and not forgetting the obligatory IMF loans to help them rebuild their economy.Thats an Oxymoron if ever there was one.

You wont find this is talked about very much in the MSM.

The likes of filth like Hitlerian Clinton hovering over Libya like vultures just make me want to vomit especially when i hear her sanctimonious mealy mouthed hypocritical soundbites that pay lip service to freedom and democracy and human rights and internet freedom etc etc etc.

Heres an example :

“We’ve been reaching out to many different Libyans who are attempting to organize in the east and, as the revolution moves westward, there as well,”

Yes of course you have because when you are not busy sabotaging the US there you are sabotaging and infiltrating a foreign country you have no legitimate business in.

Yes of course you have because you are arming and funding the opposition to Gadaffi and instigating counter-insurgencies etc.

That statement is worthy of exanding upon in its own right.

The likes of Clinton have becomes so open and brazen about their activities.They dont even try to hide it anymore.They cant hide it anyway as it always gets pointed out.

It was Hilary Clinton who commented how convenient it is to have the CFR just around the corner from the White House.

How is Hilary "reaching out" amongst Eastern and Western Libyans ?

Through the Central Instigation Agency of course.

Heres a quote from the sellout Moron Sarah Palin reiterating the mainstream NeoCon party line:

“ We should not be afraid of freedom, especially when it comes to people suffering under a brutal enemy of America,”

Except when its the US of course.

There are those who say that any intervention should be sanctioned by the UN while forgetting that the UN is a corrupt and criminal organisation and besides the above named dont require approval of the UN which was demonstrated by the Iraq debacle and anyone who claims otherwise is naive in the extreme.The UN doesnt mind imposing sanctions that in the past have killed half a million Iraqis as a direct consequence as one example yet the military is already circling Libya which seems to rule out the imposition of UN sanctions as sanctions will not occur at the same time as an occupation as sanctions are usually a precursor to military intervention that are long and drawn out over months and years to weaken the civilians and military prior to an occupation so it must be that the US[figuatively speaking] consider Libya weak enough for an immediate occupation.

How many times has the UN not intervened in Humanitarian disasters ?

At least a dozen times which proves that the UN are not impartial.

The fact is that if the US enter Libya without being sanctioned by the UN and the fact its approved by the "Leaders" of the G20 shows that they are all part of the agenda and in on it all.None of them will object as they are all part of the NWO agenda.

The UN will approve "Humanitarian Intervention" anyway.

Have the UN ever done anything about the use of Depleted Uranium in Iraq ?


I can hear the soundbites already:

"Humanitarian assistance" - "Airstrikes against key Libyan Military Instillations" - "Libyan Pro-Gaddafi Military Forces have been defeated in the north of Libya"- "Stockpiles of Nigerian Yellowcake" - "US Drone Airstrikes in the south of the region etc etc"....................

Its also laughable that Hitlerian Clinton and David CaMoron are both talking about imposing a No-Fly Zone over Libya enforced by the US/NATO of course which is clearly about claiming the territory with air superiority.

Its also clear that CaMoron and Clinton get their orders from the same place.CaMoron has received a Memo outlining what UK Foreign Policy will be regarding Libya courtesy of the Council Of Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission etc etc.

"Never let a crisis go to waste as it allows you to do things that were previously not possible"

How much longer must this be tolerated ?

Not much longer as it goes as people are wising up to this kind of thing compared to 10 years ago but in any event an authoritarian regime doesnt ask for or require approval from the people it doesnt represent.

You dont approve of invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan or Libya ??

FUCK YOU as we will do it anyway.

You dont approve of yet more taxpayer funded overseas Militarism and Defence expenditure while the US has been bankrupted and subjected to IMF Austerity measures ??



How is "Hope and Change" working out for you all ??

After all the Obama adminstration[figuratively speaking] is instigating civil unrest in the US due to its economic terrorism and divide and rule policies and sexually assaulting its citizens as an act of dominance over them and controlling the food supply and the policy of generating fear and just about everything else so its ironic/hypocritical that Barry Obama was claiming that Gadaffi has no legitimate right to rule anymore since Gadaffi inflicts violence against Libyans to subdue them.


Raise the double standard.

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