Thursday, 17 March 2011

Shameful comments :

First of all :

@Captain Dildo:

I am talking about @Citizen Dildo as if the name itself isnt enough of a clue.

For the first time ever i feel like signing out of that website as all i want to do is find out what is going on and instead i am confronted with garbage ??

All of those comments should have been subject to moderation because that is unnacceptable and reading them just makes me feel angry.I would like to introduce @Captain Dildos head to my baseball bat.

I simply detest these filthy degenerate Trolls as they ruin everything with their dysfunctional attention seeking disruptive behaviour.


Its a real shame that some mother decided to give birth to these two and its enough to make me think that abortion is a good idea in specific instances.

Filthy mentally ill degenerates.

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