Monday, 28 March 2011

United Nations Coalition Action Plan for Japan :


That seems to be the extent of the UN response to the Humanitarian/Enviromental crisis in Japan.The silence from our great world leaders [sellout NWO Maggot Filth] in response to the radiation spill and the starving population of Japan who are left to fend for themselves with irradiated glowing drinking water is deafening.

The UN are like the Police.Always there when they are not needed and never there when they are needed.

"Its your world" say the UN.I didnt realise that at all as i thought it was the UN/NWOs world and i just lived in it.How wrong i was on that score but its an easy mistake to make considering that the UN dont recognise Natural Rights/Natural Law or Property Rights for example.How can it be my world when the UN deny Property Rights ??

Everything is perverse and back to front in the wonderful wacko world of the UN.

A websearch for "UN action plan to contain Fukushima reactors" didnt produce anything at all.

A websearch for "UN response to Japan Crisis" produced nothing relevant except for these two articles:

"UN urges better emergency response to Japans Nuclear crisis"

"UN atomic watchdog says Japan crisis will be overcome"

Not an awful lot of activity on the part of UN regarding Japan then.

"UN urges better emergency response to Japans Nuclear crisis"

I guess that doing something rather than doing nothing other than writing reports will be an improvement.

"UN atomic watchdog says Japan crisis will be overcome"

So despite the fact that the Japanese govt cant really do anything about what is going on with the reactors as its too late other than lie to the Japanese population over the radiation levels.Apparently increasing the safe exposure levels of Radiation means that the Japanese are now less likely to suffer radiation sickness.

Also pretending everything is alright is also a sure way to not suffer negative health effects from exposure to radiation.

Spanki Moon say no cause for concern as Japan overcome their crisis as crisis will be overcome by Japan.Japan radiation levels not dangerous to Japanese people and water safe to drink with plenty food safe to eat.It still safe to eat seafood off coast of Japan.

Japanese Fukushima not serious enviromental crisises to Japanese people or international community and Agenda 21 not applicable to radioactive fallout and radioactive contamination of the Pacific ocean but Agenda 21 UN agenda to save planet and enviroment still on course for major success internationally and radiation is effective medium for world depopulation strategy.UN presently dealing with Humanitarian Libyan crisis.UN doing nothing to help Japanese crisis make certain that Japan will overcome Fukushima earthquake radiation crisis.

UN model for OneWorld Global Governance.

Idiot waste of space Korean.

A websearch for "UN international coalition to initiate Fusion reactor development program" didnt produce any relevant search results either.

No surprises there.............

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