Monday, 14 March 2011

Before and After :


This is allegedly Bradley Manning before and after being subjected to torture and solitary confinement while being held by the US military for allegedly disclosing sensitive material to @Weakileaks.

I am not buying any of it as it sounded spurious to begin with and now this photo is presented as Bradley Manning when its clearly not the same individual in the other pictures.

Its plainly obvious yet Truth websites accept that it is without question as an indictment on the political system which is more convenient.

I havent seen any other comments or articles pointing this out anywhere and i only noticed it on the third time of reading about it and even then it was an afterthought that seems to be correct.

Look very carefully at these two and very carefully and then see if you can spot the differences as alleged sleep deprivation and torture aside they are not the same.

My guess is the whole Bradley Manning thing is a deception using a fall guy to make it look like the leaks were serious and while there was truth within the leaks the leaks were controlled leaks and so to make it convincing that the leaks were not staged or a deception there has to be a deception involved to distract from the deception.

Its also a psy-op specifically designed to set an example to anyone else who may be thinking of whistleblowing because what has happened to Bradley Manning could also happen to you as its all about control but its futile because if someone wanted to whistleblow anomymously they can as in Climategate which was genuine.

The big scary US Govt/military will lock you up in a big scary prison that is maximum security and very big and scary.


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