Monday, 14 March 2011

WTO sides with Chinese state Capitalism against the US:

Never a minutes peace......

This isnt suprising at all especially as its our friends the WTO who are an extension of our friends the UN and the WTO organisation side with fucking over the Third World amongst others so i have every confidence that the WTO are not acting in the best of interests of the people on the ground in the middle of it all rather than the interests of Globalism and the planned economic destruction of the US and the West to be replaced by China while the Western political and economical system is remodelled on China as after all this is an attack on the US.

The WTO being a UN/globalist operation is inherently anti-American and they have a history of it.

Name any globalist organisation which is pro-American but dont bother as it cant be done.

Its all to do with trade andf tariffs and imports/exports and being able to compete with China to manufacture and export and its criminal that the US and for any country to be dictated to by the likes of the WTO who in reality have no right to do so but countries are signed up to these kind of centralised Globalist organisations with an agenda that are trojan horses and are ultimately destructive just like NAFTA was destructive tio the US and to Mexico but the US was signed over to NAFTA and the WTO by Globalist traitors like Bill Clinton.

However if these organisations were politically impartial and balanced without agendas they would not be a bad thing as a certain amount of regulation is necessary even in a hypothetical free market which we dont have anyway.

The UN wouldnt be a bad organisation or idea in principle up to a point but sadly thats in principle instead of reality.
BTW western companies are subsidising the Chinese as China takes a cut of the revenue of every foreign company based in China in return for allowing those companies to exploit their massive disposable/expendable cheap workforce as their revenue is derived mostly from exports which are earned offshore from China andthis is on top of taxes so this has the effect of driving down labour costs in China which means more exploitation to offset the cost of China taking their cut of revenue.

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