Friday, 18 March 2011

Your govt loves you:

Always Always Always listen closely to your govt and do what they say at all times.

Staying informed WILL protect you from the effects of carcinogenic radioactive fallout.

If their advice is wrong or misleading or criminally neglegent or is delusional and the product of minds that are socio/psychpathic or is just plain lies then that is NO reason for YOU - the dumbed down unquestioning mind/behaviour controlled Prole Sheeple to not do what your govt tells you to do under ANY circumstance as when you disobey it makes ripples in the water and upsets everyone else.

A smooth running control system requires YOU to conform to the edict at all times.

Heres an example of citizens who have the audacity to question the edict laid down by our great Global leader Barak H Obama and the Enviromental Poisoning Agency[EPA]* who have made it abundantly clear that the best way to prepare for contamination by Radioactive fallout is to not prepare for it in any way.

This kind of activity is unpatriotic and irresponsible and needs to be dealt with as a matter of extreme urgency.Questioning our great leader is unnacceptable.

*In conjunction with the Center For Disease Circulation and Promotion[CFDCP] and the Department of Public Ill-Health[DPIH] and the Department of Enviromental Active Degradation[DEAD] and the Center for Unilateral Nuclear Totalitarian States[CUNTS] and the Center For The Prevention Of Public Health Agencies[CPPHA].

Remember - Lack of preperation WILL save your life !!!

Shut up and take the damned vaccines !

Do not question your Govt

Conform at all times

Do not think for yourselves

Love your servitude and love your great Leader.

Allegience to your leader is mandatory.

Vitamins are bad for you.

Sunlight is bad for you

Water is bad for you


Fluoride is good for you

Radiation is good for you

Vaccines are good for you

Govt is God

Love your Govt

Govt is God

Love your Govt

- To be repeated out loud 4 times per day @ 8am - 12pm - 4pm - 8pm only.

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