Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Fareed Zakaria :

Heres a heartwarming picture of Fareed Zakaria and Henry Kissinger.


I dont normally comment on Youtube as a rule.

On the subject of Fareed Zakaria who is a diehard Globalist who thinks there is something "funny" about Natural Rights/Natural Law.

Personally i dont find the concept of or actual Natural Rights funny in the slightest as its deadly serious but unfortunately @Voice Of Reason[stupidity] claims "there are no natural rights".It takes all sorts i guess......

How can someone not believe in and uphold the concept of self evident inalienable rights ??

This Moron above would rather go along with the idea of legal rights which are granted to you by a legislative/adminstrative body like Govt or the UN for example who may in their graciousness determine that i have the right to this or that which by default means that they claim superiority and have the right to determine what my rights are which is the concept that Fareed Zakaria is advocating and which i oppose 100 percent.Rights granted to you by the institution of Govt can just as easily be revoked for whatever reason they like which cannot be a satisfactory arrangement in my mind.

Fuck the smooth talking deceitful slimy Maggot Globalist suck up/Useful Idiot Zakaria.A lot of people which include myself are not buying into this crap and are not tolerating it and will refuse to submit.

I reject the concept of legal rights having superiority over or nullifying Natural Rights and i will vehemently oppose anyone who is opposite to that like @Voice Of Stupidity however i wont oppose legislation that does not contradict or that mirrors Natural Rights but it is surprising how some can oppose Natural Rights so if they dont like Natural rights then i may as well suggest that they fuck off and go and live in a shithole country that does not recognise Natural Rights which they will probably enjoy.

Actually i think i am already living in a country like that which is the UK.

Stupid Cunts.

Natural Rights explained :


Fareed Zackaria videos :



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