Wednesday, 2 March 2011

When is Racism not Racism ?

I read a comment on a forum a while back regarding Asians in Bradford.

I am not prepared to judge wether the individual who posted the comment is actually Racist because i dont have access to his mind so it could be Racism or not as the case may be.

This is not an apology for Racism either but i reserve the right to look at things from a different perspective without namby pamby BedWetting nonsense and its just one factor that could explain intolerance/racism.

The reason i say this is because a while ago i read an academic article that attempted to explain the psychological reason for apparent intolerance.From what i recall certain things are hardwired into the brain on an evolutionary level where if you are outnumbered by a different species or tribe or whatever in a specific area the individual can react in a negative way or it can trigger negative emotional responses.

The fact is i could relate to the comment because i have had similar reactions to certain sections of the population here like an intolerance of Hippies and Dropouts and Trendy/Yuppie Twats.For myself this gets worse by the year the longer i live here to the point it does become a sort of hatred where i dont wish them physical harm but at the same time i cannot stand the sight or smell of them or anything about them.

Everytime i see a typical stereotype cliched Brighton Hippy type which is a general description i look at them and i literally think "GGGGGRRRRRR" sort of under my breath and i think "Fuck Off Hippy/Trendy Twat".These people just fucking annoy me intensely and this is because i have been surrounded by large numbers of them for years and its rather like overdoswing on something or eating or drinking too much of somnething to the point it makes you feel sick so you never want to eat Or drink or see it or watch it again.I cant share space with any of them as they annoy me too much.I have always had a thing about cliched stereotyped people anyway.If i see anyone wearing what i call Islington glasses which are those glasses that have plastic frames and little rectangular lenses it irritates me.There a whole list of this type of thing as i am clearly intolerant.

Being on a commuter train is another endurance test/pain barrier type thing except that i dont actually get through the pain barrier.So was drinking in the Lamb And Flag pub in central London which was Mecca for braying Shiny cheap suited office worker/business types who took the place over.All identical looking.This was in the 90s but it has probably not changed at all.

Next to where i am presently working is the Brighton Institute of Modern Music.

What a load of fucking bollox that is and its full of these clones who all look the same .Same hair same clothes same height same everything.I swear someone is breeding them somewhere.Usually with long hair and scruffy beards and always the same color of clothes as well as the same coats in the same color with baggy jeans and dirty sneakers and always about 5-5.5ft in height.Never ever ever ever ever blonde hair either.

Baaaah Baaaah Baaaah Baaaah

They always always always always have a guitar in one of those guitar case things on their back where the neck of the guitar is pointing up at the sky.Perhaps it is irrational or a kind of mental illness but they just annoy me especially when there is a gaggle of them together and there is some thing absurd looking and annoying about those guitar/rucksack things.

All the great musicians didnt go to music academies as they just got on with it.

I dont mind living in affluent places but i cant stand these fake 3rd rate image conscious Yuppie Cunts who think that because they have a bit of cash they are the centre of the universe.They all come across as trying too hard but they have no class and its all new money.Its the same in London as well in particular areas like Islington and places like Clapham.The same types you get here are always braying about how they are going to various places or how they have done this that and the others just so everyone else within earshot can hear it.They are like frustrated middle mangers who havent quite made the grade and cant afford a decent motor.

You find stereotypes in these areas and they are unbearable.In Clapham they all have just got out of bed hair but its all done in front of the mirror rather than not giving a fuck about your hair having just got out of bed.

You dont get Cunts like this in places in London that are more exclusive but they are not entirely free of Cunts either but they are less conspicious.

In Cheshire you get The Cheshire Set which i have unfortunately come into contact with and they are mostly shallow snobby attention seeking materialistic Cunts.Or you get the Footballers wives/New money in Cheshire set who are also Cunts.

"Oh but they are so generous to charities !!"

Yes but they could do that anonymously without all the self seeking attention seeking and back slapping self congragulating vanity driven charity Balls and events.

If i had to spend any significant amounts of time either with them or around them i would be sick of them after about a week.

People are pathetic.

Of course i am generalising but not generalising is boring sometimes.

The worst instance of this was when i knew someone that lived in Brick Lane which is in the East End of London close to the city which evolved out of its immigrant cultural identity into being an area that became painfully trendy full of Trendy/IT/Media Twats to the point that going out became paiful.It was alright at first visiting various bars in the area but in the end myself and my friend just became sick of it all.

"You need to have lived here for a long time to understand it"

To me this applies to myself as well so i am applying this to the apparently racist comment as a different spin on things for once because clearly there is an intolerance going on but it may not be specifically motivated by race as it just happens that those in question are Asians but in my case its Whites so something other than racism is going on here but on the surface it could appear to be racism as thats what it looks like.

Or at least this is what i am presuming in this instance but a presumption does not have to be correct as it is what it is.

Does everyone have these reactions or feelings or is it just a minority ?

I would imagine there are more than you think who choose not to talk about it but without being a mindreader or conducting a survey how the fuck am i supposed to know if i am not a mindreader ??

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