Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Windsor and Newton Series 7 brushes :


I ink with little brushes so i bought some Series 7 brushes as i was struggling with inferior quality brushes which are not suitable for fine work with lots of detail.

The difference and improvement in my art is visible but thats not my point as i am talking about the brushes.Immediately i could tell the difference in the feel of it and it instantly made inking much more enjoyable and controlling the brush is a lot easier than before as it just does what i want it to with even the finest lines plus the sable hair is shorter and shaped like a narrow cone which is easy to controland just what i wanted.

These are the most expensive watercolor brushes you can buy and i was given a booklet type thing that explained all about how they are made as there is an art to making these brushes by hand and the Windsor and Newton workshop/factory shows you all these old ladies who make the brushes by hand so each brush is unique and they have all worked there making brushes for 20 or 30 years each.

Bless them.

I am blown away by the brushes and i have been trying very hard to pick up speed and failing miserably until i tried the Series 7 which are really going to help.

I like having the best quality things if i can which costs but these pay for themselves over and over and over and over in terms of being enjoyable to use and i what they can do for your artwork quality plus its good to keep traditional Craftspeople in work plus they are made in the UK by an established company and they just feel good as i can feel the quality so its win win win win win all the way.

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