Thursday, 10 March 2011

Micheal Moore:

I am sick of this ugly fake hypocritcal publicity seeking obese limousine Liberal Hog.

Someone needs to stuff an apple into his mouth which would stop him talking lies qnd garbage.

I bet he stinks of stale sweat.A hypocrite who cultivates an image that he is one of the people while he accumulates millions and millions of USD and while he was outspoken about the US in Iraq and condemning GWBush while at the exact same time he holds a large amount of shares in Halliburton who are a company who supply the US military and who are based offshore so they dont have to pay taxes on the cash they make out of war.

Always with the same stupid baseball cap glued to his head .Moron.

Micheal Moore wrote a book about the state of the US and Neocons called Stupid White Men and a follow up called Dude Wheres My Country? which again was polemic about GWBush etc etc yet now i dont hear him saying very much about the state of his country now it is under the Obama administration because its all alright now the US is under his beloved Democrat Party.

Micheal Moore doesnt have quite so much to say now about his hometown of Flint Michigan and Detroit which are ghost towns thanks to Globalism which Micheal Moore supports BTW.

I have absolutely no idea how someone can be this hypocritical and live with themselves but i guess its easy if you are a greedy amoral POS Scumbag like Micheal Moore.

Hopefully he will soon die of health problems linked to chronic obesity so do me a favor and keep stuffing all that food down your gullet as you make me sick.

Lets see if i can find his film Capitalism - A Love Story on Youtube which is basically a Communist manifesto which you can see by its cover but it doesnt seem to be available as Micheal Moore asserts his copyright but its not like Micheal Moore would want to lose out on revenue while telling everyone else that their cash is not their own while Micheal Moore keeps his cash offshore to avoid taxation in true limousine Liberal/Communist style while he attacks and condemns the Middle Class/the Producers which means anyone who earns upwards of 50-100,000 USD a year while avoiding talking about the super rich like himself and the mega rich who own and control the system like the bankers who steal 80 percent of the tax revenue that was meant to be used to stimulate the US economy out of recession again in true Communist style.

A hypocrite who doesnt agree with copyright law while asserting his own copyright

He is unwilling to understand that its corruption and criminality and cronyism that has sunk the West rather than capitalism per se as it is one model of capitalism that was designed to fail and transfer the wealth and assets of US to the Mega rich.Its far better to ignore all that while claiming you are one of the people but it must be the theft of wealth and property that he identifies when touting Communism

I want to watch Capitalism - A Love Story so i can rip it to pieces but i am not paying to watch his POS film and lining his pockets as its garbage that is for people who dont know any better.Its all part of the plan to discredit Capitalism as a failed ideology while promioting Marxism/Communism as the solution but as i have already pointed out Micheal Moore doesnt want to redistribute any of his wealth.

Fuck Off you hypocrite.

Bankrupt the Middle Class who actually work for their cash while perpetuating Communist class envy while deliberately ignoring the Mega rich who dont even pay any taxes.

These types selfishly claim its unfair that some have more than others yet they claim that those who have more than others are selfish.Life is unfair.Kill yourself or get over it.

I could go on but i am already tired of thinking and writing about this obese hypocritical elitist Cunt who think that he is in the 1-2 percent club who think they have the right to tell others how they should live.


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