Tuesday, 29 March 2011

The Brezinski-Kissinger Global Chessboard agenda :

Syria is next.....


What do Syria,Libya,Egypt,Iraq,Iran,Venzuela, all have in common ?

None of them have a Rothschild central bank and they are all rich in resources like oil.Iraq/Afghanistan may already have Rothschild central banks by now but its interesting to note that it has involved a permanent occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan to set up a Rothschild central bank as the situation we have is its the most problematic countries to take over have been left till last or that its simply a process of elimination and its just the way it worked out but its clear that occupations are the worst way to takeover a country as its much easier to do it by stealth or with a staged revolution like what happened in Russia that resulted in the creation of the USSR.

I nearly forgot about North Korea which prints its own debt free currency.

Not sure about Egypt as it may already have a RCB as the recent problem was a problematic stooge dictator who was simply past his sell by date and no longer of any use.They throw their own under the bus the whole time as and when.

Makes sense doesnt it that they are all being targetted/villified by the NWO/Rothschilds etc etc to assimilate them into the other 100 countries that all have Rothschild Parasitic central banks.

This means that 100 countries so far are prohibited from printing their own debt free currency at no cost to themselves.

The upshot of all the staged events and UN humanitarian missions and occupations and regime changes is control of the money supply and control of the resources and control of the region and the planet.

Palestine doesnt have a Rothschild central bank but i guess it would be pointless setting one up since the long term plan is the non-existance of Palestine since there is virtually nothing left of it anyway.

Ever wondered why Israel is a law unto itself ??

The answer is Rothschilds.

All of the Rothschild central banks are controlled by and answerable to the Bank Of International Settlements in Basle Switzerland.

There are others involved who have shared ownership to a greater or lesser extent but to keep it simple i call them Rothschild central banks as its effectively a company name anyway and this has been going on for 200 years.

No imaginary secret bogeymen here as it is all widely documented and historical fact and verifiable.

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